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Get smart about your money with these personal finance guides covering taxes and budgeting, as well as how to qualify for mortgages, car loans, student loan refinance or debt consolidation. Learn how to protect yourself from identity theft or make it through a bankruptcy, too.

Featured Finance Articles

Compliance risk is the threat posed to a company’s earnings or capital as a result of violation or nonconformance with laws, regulations, or prescribed practices. Companies that fail to comply with the necessary standards may be subjected to fines, payment of damages, and voided contracts. This, in turn, can lead to diminished reputation and limited...

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In terms of accounting, compliance simply means making sure that a company’s financial matters are being handled in accordance with federal laws and regulations. At any point in time, a corporation should be able to provide accurate information about its accounts to its shareholders or to regulating authorities, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission...

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Bad credit is unfortunate but it is not a credit death sentence, so to speak. In fact, many people with less-than-perfect credit have used the loan process to rebuild their credit and bring their credit score back up. Usually, if you have a bad credit score or a poor payment history, you still can access...

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