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Car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, medical insurance, professional negligence insurance – complicated but vital decisions. Educate yourself with our insurance shopping guides and learn how to choose policies and coverages to protect yourself, your family or your business.

Featured Insurance Articles

Insurance claims are requests you make to your auto insurer to pay your damages in the event of an accident. While the rules governing auto insurance practices in each state can vary, the main purpose of filing an insurance claim is for the parties involved in an accident to recover financial compensation to fix the...

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Whole life insurance is insurance that protects you for a lifetime, but it can be quite costly, that’s why insurers developed modified whole life insurance. Whole life insurance has set premiums that last throughout your life. It also pays a premium to the beneficiaries based on the payments you’ve made throughout your life. This premium...

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Insurance exists because risk exists. Since any of us could fall victim to theft, auto accidents, house fires, health problems, lawsuits and acts of nature, having insurance can help to provide the peace of mind necessary during difficult times. Whether you’re looking for insurance to protect your health, your home or your automobile, a general...

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