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We love our pets but they are a big responsibility. Read these guides and learn how to choose the healthiest pet food, the right veterinarian and the most reliable pet sitter, trainer or groomer. We’ll answer your questions about common pet health problems, too.

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A pet hamster will behave much as it would in the wild, and understanding hamster behavior will help you to create a healthy and entertaining home for your small pet. Once you learn about hamster habits, you will also be able to identify with your pet’s actions inside the hamster home. Natural Activities Hamsters are...

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While a fancy, breed-specific haircut (like those for poodles, shih tzus, or malteses) might look great on your dog, these cuts can be more trouble than they’re worth for young puppies. If you want a low-maintenance, easy-care style for your long-haired puppy, a puppy cut might be exactly what you’re looking for. Description A puppy...

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Dog nail grinder tools are becoming increasingly popular with pet owners, grooming facilities, and veterinary clinics due to their ease of use and convenience. If you are thinking about purchasing an electric dog nail grinder to keep your furry family member’s nails trim and healthy, it’s a good idea to learn about the pros and cons...

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