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Our guides offer clear advice with no legalese to help you through a lawsuit or a criminal case and be a smart consumer of legal services, whether you’re dealing with a personal injury or accident attorney, divorce or child support attorney, or a bail bond service.

Featured Legal Articles

There are several types of corporate lawyers. For some, their job is in-house, as they advise corporate bosses of specific issues related to corporate law, from initial public offerings to merger and acquisition processes, harassment suits, and liability matters on a daily basis. A second type of corporate lawyer is a consultant, offering business advice to...

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Theft is classified as a felony when the value of the property or service is over a specific dollar amount. The amount is defined by individual states. What could be a misdemeanor offense in one state could be a felony offense in another. Types of Felony Theft Though there are many offenses that can be...

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Attorneys are highly educated professionals and officers of the court who are bound by an ethical code, maintain legal privilege, and in most cases, work on a contingency basis. As defenders of the Constitution, attorneys are opposed to conflicts of interest and are bound to the highest degree of loyalty to you, their client. Here...

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