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House & Home

Get primed for major home improvement projects or weekend house repairs with these guides covering everything from home buying to remodeling, with detailed advice on how to handle construction contractors, interior designers, painters, landscapers and more.

Featured House & Home Articles

If you are in the market for a place to live but want to keep things simple to start, then chances are that you will be shopping for an apartment or condo. So what’s the difference between an apartment vs. a condo? While each type of housing unit can come in a wide range of...

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Are you looking at that old metal patio furniture, wondering if you could paint it and avoid having to buy something new? How much work will be involved and will you need a metal paint primer? Many staunch do-it-yourselfers love to paint and won’t hesitate to take a brush to anything in sight but when...

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Textured ceilings have been popular for many years because they add visual interest to a room. But whether you have a popcorn, knockdown, or orange peel ceiling, painting it can be a daunting proposition. It requires careful preparation and the right tools to get the job done to a professional standard. Prepare the surface. Contractors...

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