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Top 5 Space Saver Beds for Apartments

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Space saver beds can be used to create extra space in an apartment bedroom, a studio apartment living space or to fill-in as an extra sleeping space for overnight guests. To find out which bed may be right for your apartment, check out these top 5 space saving sleeping solutions below.

1. The Pull-Out Couch

A pull-out couch can serve as a full-time bed, full-time couch, or full-time couch and guest bed. Most pull-out couches are extremely sturdy and they will last for years; pull-out couches come in different sizes too ranging from twin, full, queen and king which will fit any apartment space. The only downside to these space saver beds is that they can be quite heavy – something to consider if you are living in an upstairs apartment.

2. The Futon

The futon is an affordable apartment space saving solution which can serve as a bed and a couch at the same time. Futons are available in a limitless selection of styles and designs, and many companies offer a choice of cozy and comfortable futon mattress materials. The best futons are made with lightweight materials and quality hardware which will withstand years of use.

3. The Murphy Bed

The Murphy bed can be stored vertically in its own armoire type closet and easily pulled down when a sleeping space is needed. Like the pull-out couch a Murphy bed can be somewhat heavy due to the storage frame of the bed, but most Murphy beds are made with supreme quality materials that are built to last.

4. The Trundle Bed

The trundle bed is a small bed made with storage shelves or drawers under the mattress; some trundle beds also come with additional matching shelving units which may fit on either side of the beds. Trundle beds are perfect space saver beds for guest rooms or a child’s or teenager’s room. A thick, firm and quality mattress is best if the trundle bed is going to be used regularly – mattresses which are too thin can become uncomfortable after they wear down due to the hard top surface needed to support the shelving or drawer units.

5. The Air Mattress

The air mattress is the best space saving bed for occasional overnight guests. Air mattresses which come with plug-in pumps can fill and deflate in a matter of minutes, and newer types of air mattresses are made with extra comfy features including pillow top surfaces and coiled air cushions which offer the same type of support as a real mattress. The only downside to these space saver beds is that they can become punctured or the seams may tear under too much pressure, but with care and occasional use quality air mattresses can last for many years.

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