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How to Find All‐utilities‐included Apartments

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It’s important to take the potential cost of utilities into account when you’re searching for an apartment. Sometimes an apartments that seems like the best deal isn’t really, once you consider how much it will cost you each month for separate utilities. When the cost of utilities is included in your monthly rent, it makes it easier to compare apartments and budget each month, especially if you’re on a fixed income. The following tips can help you locate all-utilities-included apartments.

Search Online

The best place to search for all-utilities-included apartments is online, since apartment-rental websites often give you options to narrow your search. Look for checkboxes to include all utilities or the specific ones you want. While it may be difficult to find an apartment rental that includes electricity, other utilities like gas, water, trash pickup, and cable are more common, depending on the area in which you’re looking.

While many smaller apartment complexes may not have their own websites for you to browse, you can usually find detailed information about them on generic rental websites.

Search in Your Local Newspaper

If you prefer to search for all-utilities-included apartments via print media, you can look for these in your local newspaper. Doing so can be very helpful if you live in a community with many small apartment buildings, since the property owners may not bother to advertise vacancies online. In addition, you may be able to obtain discounted rates by finding apartments in your local newspaper, since some companies offer coupons available only in print.

Go Directly to the Real Estate Company

If you’re not having any luck searching online or in the newspaper, get the numbers of some of the bigger management companies in the area where you’re looking and call them directly. They’ll be able to tell you immediately if they have any apartments for rent that include utilities, which can save you a lot of time and energy.

While it’s a little harder to find utilities-included apartments than it used to be, they’re still out there in many areas. Property owners know that many people like the convenience and prediction of including utilities with the rent, so they’ll usually feature it as a selling point.

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