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Door lock on home

Rekey Your Lock Instead of Replacing

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There are many different scenarios in which you may need to change your locks. Whether you have just moved into a new home or office and are concerned about security (it’s surprisingly simple to duplicate keys nowadays) or you have lost your keys or are dealing with a broken lock, you generally have two options: rekeying or replacing that lock. Although there may be times when a full replacement is unavoidable, in almost all cases, rekeying is the better option. Not only is the rekeying process less time consuming, but it can be accomplished at a fraction of the cost. Here’s a closer look at lock rekeying.

How Does Lock Rekeying Work?

Rekeying a lock is a fairly straightforward process that involves replacing the lock pins located within your current lock’s cylinder and changing the wafer (tumbler) configuration so that only a new specially cut set of keys will work to open your lock The next step involves cutting those new keys (as many copies as you need). Once a lock has been rekeyed, your old keys will not work.

Benefits to Rekeying Your Lock

  • Cost Benefits: One of the primary advantages that rekeying a lock has over a complete lock replacement lies in the cost. Rekeying can, in many cases, save you quite a bit of money, especially when you have multiple locks (such as is involved in changing the locks throughout an entire home).
  • Shorter Time Frame: The process involved in rekeying is significantly faster than with lock replacement. In fact, most locksmiths can do a lock rekey in about half the time it takes to replace an entire lock. This is going to be particularly important if you are talking about multiple locks in a business, where time may be of the essence.
  • Improved Security: Rekeying your locks is also a great way to minimize security risks to your home or business. Since you can control the distribution of keys to the newly rekeyed lock or locks, you will know exactly who has access. Rekeying is also a great way to establish security in a new home or office when it’s unclear whether a former tenant has keys that still fit the previously keyed lock.
  • Convenience: If you are tired of carrying multiple keys on your key ring or guessing which key fits what lock, having your home or business completely rekeyed is a great option. This way, all of the locks in your home or building will be able to work on a single key.

No matter your reason for needing your locks changed, rekeying will in most cases be a better solution than replacement. This will ensure that you have the security and convenience you need at an affordable price.

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