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Need to Change Your Garage Door Opener Code? Here's How

Need to Change Your Garage Door Opener Code? Here’s How…

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Do you have the sneaking suspicion that somebody has hacked your garage door opener code?

Or maybe an unauthorized entry has eliminated any doubt about that! Either way, you’ll want to change your garage door opener code – just as you’d want to change the lock on your door if you lost your house keys.

Fortunately, changing your garage door opener code is not a difficult task. But the process for changing the code will vary depending upon whether or not your garage door opener has a keypad.

Changing Codes on Openers with Keypads:

  1. You’ll need to use a ladder to reach the motor of your opener.
  2. There should be a button on the side of the motor. It’s called the ‘learn’ button. Press the button and hold it down until the light that’s next to it goes out. When the light is out the old code should be wiped from memory.
  3. Now press down the learn button again until the light comes back on. Enter the new code you’ve chosen into the keypad (it’ll be easier if you have someone who can help you). Once the new code has been entered, the light next to the learn button should blink again. That indicates that your new code has been accepted.
  4. Now press and hold the learn button one more time until the light comes on again. Make sure that you’re clear of the door, and press a button on your remote. You should see the light on the motor blink once again; that indicates that your remote has been successfully reprogrammed with your new code. If you have multiple remotes, you can repeat this step for each.

Changing Codes On Openers Without Keypads:

Begin by removing the cover from your garage door opener remote control. You should see a series of switches underneath the cover.

  1. Look at the positioning of the switches, and compare to your current garage door opener code. That will show you how the switches should be positioned for a given code. Now reset the switches to the new code you’ve chosen.
  2. Replace the cover, and repeat the process for any additional remotes you might have.
  3. Position a ladder beneath the opener, and climb-up to where you can access the motor. Look for a series of switches just like those in your remote, and reposition those switches to match the remote.
  4. The motor and remote should now be in sync with the new code – test to be sure.

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