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Top 10 Types of Lawyers You Need to Know

Top 10 Types of Lawyers You Need to Know

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Lawyers typically specialize in one or more areas of the law and can refer you to other legal specialists if your case goes beyond their areas of expertise. Although the types of law specialties are many and varied, learning about the top 10 types of lawyers you need to know can give you a general understanding of how many legal professionals choose to spend their time.

1. Tax Lawyer

If you have a problem with your business or personal income taxes – such as being audited or accused of tax fraud – a tax lawyer may be a necessity. A tax lawyer can also help you to limit your tax liability and minimize the amount you have to pay in taxes. Depending on how bad your legal situation is, a tax attorney can also speak to the IRS on your behalf, something only a very few professionals are allowed to do.

2. Estate Lawyer

It is a good idea to write a will to dictate what will happen to your assets when you die. If you don’t, problems could occur if your family fights over the assets. It will also take longer for your family to receive your assets and there may be significantly more taxes. A wills and estates lawyer can help you through the estate-planning process. In addition, an estate attorney also has the ability to assist your family with various types of trusts that could help to transfer assets more securely.

3. Employment Law Attorney

Call an employment law (or labor law) attorney for workplace issues such as harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination or violations of fair labor laws. If you’re considering reporting your company for serious wrongdoing, an employment law attorney may also be able to help you ensure you receive whistleblower protection under the law.

4. Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Workers’ compensation is the insurance system that pays claims if you are injured at work. Alternatively, you can sue your employer if the company’s negligence caused your injury. A workman’s comp legal specialist will help you file your insurance papers or represent you in a suit against an employer. Depending on the exact nature of your injuries, a workers’ comp lawyer may also be able to help get the medical treatment you need without paying out of pocket right away.

5. Contract Law Attorney

Contracts are pervasive in everyday life. Whether you want to buy a cell phone or buy a house or engage in any other business transaction, you will likely have to sign some type of contract. If something goes awry with one of these contracts, or if you aren’t sure whether you should sign one, consult a contracts attorney. In many cases, a contracts lawyer may also be able to help you review the contracts you create to ensure they aren’t full of loopholes.

6. Social Security Disability Attorney

If you become disabled at work, the Social Security system is there to help. Navigating that system, making a claim, or appealing a denial can be very complex, and you should consult an attorney with a Social Security specialist law practice.

7. Product Liability Lawyer

Products in the US must be safe when used as intended, or the manufacturer and sales people can be held legally liable. If a defective product caused your injury, you may have a product liability case. From a business perspective, working with a product liability attorney prior to releasing a new product could help your company minimize liability.

8. Personal Injury Lawyer

Being injured can turn your life upside-down and can cause serious financial problems in addition to your physical pain and suffering. Fortunately, if you are injured as a result of someone else’s negligence or intentional bad behavior, a personal injury or accident attorney can bring suit, so you can recover damages. Although personal injury attorneys handle a variety of different injury types, auto accidents can comprise the bulk of the personal injury cases many work on.

9. Malpractice Lawyer

Doctors must exercise reasonable care when treating you and must get your informed consent before doing any medical treatment on you. If they don’t follow the rules and do injure you, consult a medical malpractice attorney about a settlement. While you may hear most often about medical malpractice claims, many malpractice attorneys can also help you sue other lawyers, accountants, pharmacists, dentists and chiropractors for malpractice.

10. Criminal Defense Lawyer

The right to representation by an attorney in a criminal case is guaranteed by the Constitution. In fact, the government must provide a defense attorney if you can’t afford one and are facing imprisonment. A criminal law attorney will interview witnesses and build your case, argue on your behalf at trial, or negotiate with prosecutors for a plea bargain. For best results, remember to retain a criminal defense lawyer as soon as you have reason to believe the police suspect you of a crime, as your attorney can help you avoid saying the wrong thing to the police.

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