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Zombie man

Going Rogue: How to Enjoy Living the Dead Life as a Lone Zombie

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If you’re a zombie who tends to hunt alone, there’s a good chance you’ve wondered just where are the best places to surprise your prey and get some easy brains. Here are some of the best places to pull an eye out for, and how to best take advantage of them.


Restrooms are one of the best places for a zombie to lie in wait as all human have to visit one eventually. If you manage to find a lavatory in an area heavily populated with survivors, it’s a no brainer – like shooting fish in a barrel. Best results are achieved in stall with doors that open outward: wait until they open the door strike; shock and awe will do the trick. If the stall doors open outwards, this tactic won’t work. Instead, find a hiding spot nearby, and when you see a person enter the restroom, follow it and take it from behind once it has entered the stall and is trapped.

Maintenance corridors in large buildings

A major advantage of these narrow hallways is that the doors connecting to them tend to be in recessed alcoves, providing an easy hiding spot to wait for prey to enter – either through the door (be sure you’re away from the wall it opens toward) or coming down the hallway. Lunge quickly and groan loudly for maximum effect. They’ll be too startled and/or dead to run anywhere.

Places with no electricity

It may go without saying, but I will say it anyway: rooms and buildings without electricity are the best hunting locations for the lone zombie, because unlike us, they cannot see in the dark. Just take care not to get caught in any residual light coming from an outside source: flashlights, hall lights, daylight, and so on. If you enjoy the scaring as much as the eating, be sure that right before you reach your prey, you’re only partially obscured by darkness, so they can get a good look at your decaying flesh right before you strike.

Heavily-wooded areas

This is another great place to hide and get the drop on humans. Be sure you aren’t crunching leaves under your feet – zombies have a distinctive walking sound and this could easily give away your position and scare away your dinner. Darkness, of course, is the best time to frequent these areas, though the cover provided by trees makes daytime a viable option as well.


A final word of warning: be sure that any humans you attack aren’t carrying anything that looks vaguely like a weapon. As a lone zombie, you may have the advantage over unarmed or lightly-armed opponents, but something as basic as a heavy stick or an old record album can pose a major threat if it connects with your head. Choose your battles carefully.

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