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Crime Trends in the 21st Century

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Crime in the 21st Century is leaner and meaner than ever. As technology and the means to acquire it advances, so do the levels of crimes that are reported. From identity theft to child porn trafficking, special crime units in police departments all over the country have been established to keep up. Additionally, as the elderly population triples into the 21st century, so do the crimes against this vulnerable population.


Because of the advancement of technology, crime is more prolific than ever before and criminals have the tools to make their jobs easier. Some of the most common cybercrimes out there include the raiding of corporate servers, the swiping of intellectual property and e-mail harassment. Computers are used to embezzle, traffic drugs, launder money and distribute child pornography.

With the advent of social networking platforms such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, people are more vulnerable than ever to cybercrime. An untrained individual can lose his or her identity to a cyberthief in an instant, which can lead to credits and purchases taken out in that person’s name. Cyberstalking and fraudulent cyber-romances are another cause for concern, especially for those under 18 and those who do not practice safety and common sense.

Elder Abuse

As senior citizens become the fastest growing population, the incidents of crimes against seniors are on the rise. From home invasions to neglect of proper treatment in facilities, it is believed that for every elder abuse case reported, more than a dozen go unreported. Financial abuse of the elderly is of specific concern, as the elderly can go from comfortable to destitute in an instant if someone takes their money and assets away. Financial abuse against the elderly can occur by strangers or caregivers, or even someone close to home such as a friend or family member.

Vehicle Crime

The advancement of technology also has helped car thieves, and organized crime rings are increasingly the culprits as opposed to individuals. Security systems no longer mystify car thieves, and there is a huge industry consisting of how to hack into these systems and disable them.

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