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Painting a vehicle

Clear Coat Repair

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When a car is painted, a layer of primer goes over the metal. Then the colored base paint is added, and finally a layer of clear coat goes on. The clear coat adds a glossy finish to the car, and it also serves as a protective layer from UV rays and other elements that can harm a car’s finish.

In the event of scratches, it is important to repair your clear coat as soon as possible. Clear coat repair can eliminate highly prominent and visible imperfections in your paint and help keep your base paint from fading or oxidizing. A faded paint job will make your vehicle look terrible and reduce its resale value. If you lease your car, you will be held responsible for damaged paint when you turn the car in. If the metal oxidizes or rusts you will a much more severe problem on your hands.

Many minor scratches in clear coat can be repaired at home with various clear coat repair products. Clear coat repair is not the same as fixing deeper paint scratches that get down to the metal. Paint scratches can often be repaired with color match touch-up paint or with scratch removal waxes and polishes. There are clear coat repair kits available, but the repair process is different.

Clear coat scratch repair often involves using an ultra-fine wet sandpaper to smooth out the scratches in your clear coat. After that there are a variety of clear coat sealants that can be buffed into the scratch to complete the repair and restore your car’s appearance to its original state.

A paint and body repair shop is always another option for clear coat repair. However, the scratches that are so minor that they only damage your clear coat with out getting through to damage the paint should not require a professional repair. A paint and body repair shop will charge a few hundred dollars for a repair, while a clear coat repair kit will only cost between $10-20.

Clear coat repair is important, not just to keep your car looking good, but also to protect the paint and finish of your vehicle. A simple clear coat scratch repair kit can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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