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6 Benefits of Engine Chip Tuning

6 Benefits of Engine Chip Tuning

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If you’re into upgrading or customizing your car, then you’ve probably heard about engine chip tuning. Whether the ECU is changed, the engine is remapped, or a performance chip is added, the change in the software can make a big difference in how your vehicle functions.

1. You Get More Horsepower

When the ECU comes from the factory it comes with conservative software settings, and that includes power settings. These help the car be more stable under a variety of different conditions, but it also means there’s some power left behind. Chip tuning can change the fuel/air ratio and timing to give your car extra power and torque.

2. You Get More Fuel Efficiency

For a long time, engine chip tuning was almost exclusively used to get more power out of vehicles. However, the recent emphasis on fuel efficiency and environmentalism has changed that. The right chip tuning can make a substantial difference in your fuel economy. It may be at the sacrifice of horsepower, but many cars have a lot more power than they need for everyday driving.

3. They’re Affordable Upgrades

There are plenty of upgrades that can increase your horsepower or improve your fuel efficiency. For example, a custom exhaust system can make a big difference. But these cost a lot to have made, and require a lot of labor to install correctly. Chip tuning, on the other hand, is a much more affordable option. Even if you pay extra to get the tuning done by a pro shop, it’s still cheaper than other options.

4. They’re Easy to Install

A big part of that affordability comes from the ease of installation. Universal diagnostic ports make it easy to plug new engine chips or chip management units into the existing system without having to take apart the ECU. This cuts down on the necessary labor immensely. This makes it extra affordable to have the chip tuning done by a pro, since the labor costs are low.

5. They’re Tuned to Fit Your Driving

Manufacturers set the software to fit a variety of conditions, everything from the high elevation cold of the northern Rockies to the humid heat of south Florida. They’re also made to work with a wide variety of gasoline grades for versatility. Unless you’re road tripping across the country on a regular basis, you don’t need that versatility. Chip tuning allows you to make sure that your car is specifically made to work at its best in the conditions where you drive it.

6. They Give You a Cleaner Burn

There are a wide variety of different technologies that need to work together to get the most out of your fuel, including the timing, fuel/air ratio, injection, transmission, and more. The cleaner the burn, the more efficiency, more power, and less build-up you’ll have. This kind of fine tuning means that you’ll have to be much more selective in your gas choices, but it can pay off in a big way.

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