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bubble wrap around child

Bubble Wrap and its Benefits

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Bubble wrap is one of today’s most popular packing materials. It provides excellent protection for shipping or storing fragile, breakable goods. And many find it fun popping its bubbles when they’re done with it.

Bubble wrap is an accidental discovery by two engineers, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes, in 1957 that revolutionized the packaging industry. It is polyethylene resin or transparent plastic film. It uses evenly distributed air cushions, in the form of air bubbles trapped between two films of clear plastic to offer shock and vibration protection during transport. The bubbles vary in size depending on the size and fragility of the item. Generally, small bubble wrap is used for small items like electronics and glassware, while large bubble wrap is used for larger items like furniture.

This type of packaging material is inexpensive and offers several advantages. Because it provides good protection, less packing material is needed, which lowers overall costs. And since it is lightweight, its use does not raise freight charges for shippers. Bubble wrap is also reusable and recyclable. Environmentally friendly biodegradable wrap is now available on the market as well. This type of bubble wrap breaks down in a landfill and is completely absorbed into the soil.

Bubble wrap can be bought in different forms like bags, sheets, and rolls. Some common types include:

  • Large: Large bubbles.
  • Small: Small bubbles.
  • Anti-static: Designed for ESD (electro-static discharge) sensitive electronic products.
  • Bubble Wrap Bags: Handy pouches designed for small items.
  • Biodegradable: An excellent choice for environmentally conscious shippers.
  • Self Adhesive: Permits more secure packaging and leaves no residue on items.

Bubble wrap is readily available at packing supply stores and moving truck rental firms. It can also be easily purchased on the internet from suppliers with e-commerce websites. If you regularly ship items, it would be advisable to buy bubble wrap in bulk since it is cheaper in larger quantities. An excellent advantage from buying online is that you won’t need to purchase the bubble wrap in person, but have it conveniently shipped to your home or office.

Bubble wrap is an excellent, cost effective packaging material. When you have used wrap, consider re-using it if it isn’t damaged. It will further help the environment and save you money.

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