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3G Internet Dongle ‐ What it Does

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If you’ve heard the phrase “3g internet dongle” and been confused, you’re not alone. Technological language moves fast, and even people well-versed in internet language and computer sciences often hear things they haven’t yet learned about.

A 3G Internet Dongle: Convenient, Mobile Internet

When understanding what a 3g internet dongle is, you can start with the “dongle” part. The word ‘dongle’ has been around for some time, and has, in the past, referred to devices that plug into the computer’s USB port. Really, the use of the word in terms of internet dongles is no different.

An internet dongle is simply a wireless connectivity card that plugs into the USB port of your computer. If your computer did not come with a built-in wireless card, or if the one that’s built in isn’t suitable for the connection you need, a dongle is a quick and easy way to get yourself onto the 3G network without having to make major modifications to your computer.

The 3G network, another common phrase these days, is the term used for what is called the third generation network of data. This refers to the network used by mobile telephones and wireless internet services to transmit data; any mobile device that can get onto the Internet can use the 3G network with the right services installed.

Wireless internet itself is slightly different from 3G; with wireless, you need to be near the signal in order to use it, such as taking your laptop to an internet Wi-Fi hotspot to get online. The 3G network, on the other hand, operates anywhere as long as you’ve signed up for the service. This is how people can get online with their cell phones, for example, without having to have wireless cards or be in wireless hot spot areas. The 3G network is what they’re using.

So an internet dongle for your computer that uses the 3G network would give you this same flexibility. In general, although they’re typically simple to install since they just use a USB or similar external port, internet dongles aren’t cheap to purchase. You should also keep in mind you will have to have 3G network service in order to use them. This might mean paying extra for the service through your internet service provider. Still, if the ability to get online anywhere is important to you, and if you’re willing to pay the cost for the convenience, a 3G internet dongle is a fantastic way to stay connected and online no matter where you are.

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