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Professor guiding his student

Helpful Info About Private Tutor Rates

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If you would like to hire a private tutor, check out the helpful info below about private tutor rates to find average rates, factors which can affect tutoring fees and what to do if you are on a tight budget.

Average Private Tutor Rates

Average private tutor rates for middle school and high school classes are around $15 to $25 dollars per hour. Private tutor sessions for elementary school students average around $10 to $15 dollars per hour, and private sessions for college classes average between $20 to $30 dollars per hour depending on the subject.

Some tutors will offer rates for 30 minute sessions, 45 minute sessions or extended 2 hour sessions. Tutoring centers and full-time private tutors may also offer competitively priced tutoring packages.

Private Tutor Rates will Vary

Private tutor rates can vary depending on the subject that is taught, location, type of tutor and the experience and/or background of the tutor:

Private tutors should have a solid educational background in the subject(s) they are tutoring in addition to some type of teaching experience, but tutors who have exceptional experience or education (e.g. professors, authors, or tutors with a long history of work as a tutor or teacher) have rates which are usually priced well above average tutoring fees.

Specialized tutoring services for adults, adolescents or children who have learning disabilities, developmental disabilities or behavioral disorders are usually priced a bit higher than average tutoring fees.

Geographical location can affect the rates of private tutors in your area. Typically, those living in large cities can expect to pay more for tutoring services and those living in smaller cities or rural communities will pay a little less than the average tutoring fees.

Private tutoring sessions focused on college entrance exams or graduate level entrance exams are often priced higher than standard tutoring sessions.

What to Do if You Can’t Afford Private Tutor Rates

What if you could really use a private tutor but you can’t afford private tutoring fees? Check into local community services which offer discount, (and sometimes even no cost), tutoring sessions for low income students. If you cannot find any discount tutoring services in your area, look into more affordable group tutoring classes – which may still be very helpful. Tutoring sessions may also offer discount prices for new students, group sessions or sessions during certain times of the day, week or even year.

For college students who can’t afford private tutor rates, group study sessions with other students can provide a ton of extra help with concepts that you may be struggling with. Plus, never hesitate to take advantage of office hours posted by your professors – this is the time when you can talk with your professors one-on-one to gain extra clarity about class subjects.

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