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Most Popular Glasses Frames for Men

Most Popular Glasses Frames for Men

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While there was once the belief that men’s eyeglasses should blend into their face, this isn’t the case today. Instead, men have nearly as many options as women do for accentuating the facial features they like while minimizing those they don’t. If you’re not quite sure how to find glasses frames for men that complement your face without going overboard, reviewing the basics could help.

Pay attention to shape

If you’ve ever noticed another man who looked odd in his eyeglasses, the issue was most likely the shape he selected. Basically, round frames have no business on a round face, just as adding boxy glasses to an angular face will appear out of place. While a man with an oval face shape can wear virtually any frames he picks up in the store, everyone else will need to look for the frame shapes that offer the most balance to the face.

Your optician can provide guidance on which frame shapes will be most pleasing to your facial features, but it’s sometimes helpful to take a buddy. A friend is always more likely to tell you that the glasses you like make you look like a cartoon character than an optician’s employee.

Consider your color options

Since you’ll likely only have one pair of prescription eyeglasses at a time, the frames you choose must be appropriate for business and personal interactions. If you’re a man who wears a suit and tie to the office every day, it’s critical that you ensure your frame color doesn’t clash with your business attire. This can mean limiting your eyeglass color choices to:

  • Black
  • Gold
  • Gunmetal
  • Silver.

Remember, the frame’s material can impact how the color looks. Choosing thinner metal frames could provide a more professional impression than thick, shiny plastic frames. Although, non-shiny black plastic frames are becoming increasingly more popular, so selecting the right style of this material could still work.

Remember to check to the size

Nothing draws more attention to a man’s eyeglasses than constantly having to take them off to pinch the bridge of your nose or rub your temples. This makes choosing the correct size imperative to looking good in your glasses. The person helping you with your glasses can provide guidance on frame size, but it’s generally best to avoid glasses frames that cover your eyebrows and extend well beyond your face. The idea is to accentuate your looks, not to obscure them.

The length of the temples (the piece that extends back behind your ears) is also important. While metal frames are more easily adjustable at home, plastic frames usually require a replacement. In a perfect world, you want temples that aren’t too tight against the side of your face and curve comfortably over your ears. When your temples are too long, your frames will slide forward on your nose, impacting your vision and your appearance.

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