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plastic surgeon with patient during surgery

Free Plastic Surgery

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Yes, you may qualify for free plastic surgery! Some plastic surgeons may opt to operate for free in certain situations. Plastic surgery has become much more popular in recent years, and more plastic surgeons open up practices every day. These new surgeons need to build up their practices by word of mouth, and they may agree to do some surgeries for free in return for your good public relations skills.

Medical Conditions

If you suffer from a medical condition, birth defect, or deformity that affects the quality of your life negatively, you may be able to get a plastic surgeon to correct the condition for free. Many practices offer these services on an as needed basis. Check with offices in your area to see if your condition warrants free plastic surgery. Some examples would be a cleft palate, or other disfigurement, or other health issues that affect your day-to-day life. Many surgeons donate a portion of their practice to helping children with deformities, too.

Look for Giveaways

Surgeons looking for publicity often offer free makeovers during certain times of the year, like Mother’s Day or Christmas. Pay attention to the surgeons in your area and see if they’re giving away any special offers, discounts, or free makeovers. You can also try out for one of the makeover shows that are popular on television. They’ll follow your progress as you go through the surgery process, but they usually offer free plastic surgery if you make it on the show.

Check Out Websites

Many websites have sprung up that cater to people who want cosmetic surgery and can’t afford it. Some allow women to register, and then post information or ask questions, and gain credit for their activity that can be redeemed at participating surgeons in your area. The more they participate in these sites, the more they’ll earn. Others let women post profiles and then ask for donations for their surgery.

Finally, look for clinical trials in your area. Some surgeons may participate in clinical trials, or medical schools with plastic surgery departments may also participate in clinical trials. Usually, treatment is free if you participate, so look for free plastic surgery opportunities in your area. Remember to check with your medical professional for more information on any cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures.

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