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Provided by Citysearch
Bad Business Policies

I was a member for two years, its not a bad gym, staff is pretty cool they also have workout routines and trainers. Upon the end of my tenure I moved to Florida and assumed the contract would terminate at the end of its two year life, it doesn't, it moves into a month-to-month phase. I had been billed for the last two months even though I was no longer living in Houston, nor obviously, using the gym. This would be fine but when I called to cancel I was told I would not be refunded any money, and I needed to come in to cancel. I live 1000 miles away, and my name couldn't just be taken off and stop being billed. They need to fax me a form to fill out and send it back, and once again, I will be receiving no money back for the last two months, even though I was not there.

I spent two years there, between me and my wife I paid $1686 in full, on time, happily. By tacking on an extra $140 at the end and telling me it wasn't their fault because its my responsibility to cancel, they thoroughly pissed me off. Its a bad bad business. They are willing to screw over loyal customers. Some past posts have talked about having to move checking accounts in order to stop being billed, this is true. I actually went to Capital One my credit card that was billed, and got my money back, I also ended up changing my credit card number in order to save the hassle of possibly being charged again just to not be refunded, again. I informed management that they had lost me as a good reference and a good review but the last extra charges meant more to them.

Just save this headache, there are plenty of other gyms out there, I beg you to go to a different one, Houston Gym is extremely greedy

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Provided by Citysearch

Cons: parking sucks, too crowded, unprofessional trainers

Joining this gym might be the worst decision I've ever made. For starters, the parking is terrible. Many times I find myself parking in the dirt lot across the street (Jax Grill) and playing frogger in rush hour traffic. It's a relatively small gym so if you work 8-5 and plan to get a quick workout before of after work....good luck. I spend more time waiting on machines than I do working out. The trainers are friendly...but extremely inappropriate and unprofessional. They yell at each other from across the gym. They use profanity. They are always on their cell phones. And once I even walked in on one sleeping in one of the tanning beds. Having said that, I'd take my money elsewhere.

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Provided by Citysearch
Cheesy gym that institutionally rewards sneaky salesmen.

Unless you want to be locked into a cheesy gym for two years, avoid this place like the plague! I had a similar experience to several other reviewers.

BEWARE of the manager MATT. He's got a sneaky salesman approach to signing people up. ""If you sign up within two days, you get this much free. If you sign up today, you get this much free."" [Cheesy circles and ""x"" marks the spot.]

I specifically asked: ""I am probably going to move. What is your cancellation policy? Matt: ""[If you move outside of 10 mile difference from the gym you can cancel your membership.]""


You would think that a satisfied customer is worth more than a lousy $200. Or I should rephrase, an unsatisfied customer is worth more than $200 in lost revenue.

I even asked to speak to Matt's boss and was refused access. That is why I am writing this post. Sneaky behavior like that demonstrated by Mr. Matt should not go unnoticed by investors/owners of the business. He clearly has no interest in the longevity of the gym and its reputation.

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Provided by Citysearch
Not Just a Workout

I went to this gym to try and challenge myself to get back in the shape i was in when I was younger. Initially I thought that this was a great place to train. I started working with one of their personal trainers as part of my membership and he put on a great show of making me feel like he was interested in my results when really he was only interested in my money. I unfortunately found this out too late. I had already signed up to train with him. I didnt know that as part of my package I would get to watch him txt on his phone throughout most of our sessions. I would get to listen to him berate women and speak about them in the most vile manner. I was also unaware until after signing of his history of drug use and trouble with the law which he told me about in detail. I walked away from this experience without even finishing using all of the sessions I had payed in advance for. I was told that I could not recieve a refund for these sessions so I opted to just lose the money and remove myself from the situation. The gym itself is nice but the experience that I had will keep me from ever hiring another trainer again.

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Provided by Citysearch
Awesome Gym!

I love these small independent gyms because the trainers are more knowledgeable and make you feel like you are not a number. I did some sessions with Wes Simon and he helped me lose four dress sizes! He takes his jobs very serious, while having fun at the same time. I would reccommend him as a trainer to anyone.

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Provided by Citysearch
good for working out

I think is a great place to work out. it has a great atmosphere and the workers are nice. they always talk to you. at 24 or FIT they dont know who you are and those gym cost even more. I quit 24 bc they parking sucked and i hated guys always staring at me. i am looking to work out and care less about drama. every place you go to is gonna have a contract. i think people should worry about their health and fitness and not get too lazy not to go to a gym. I just wanna work out and this place is the perfect place for it

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Provided by Citysearch
Im liking it a lot

So im kinda new to this whole gym thing. I've always been a girlie girl and never really felt the need for a gym but as I've gotten older and things started to droop a bit I've decided this is something I should try. So I went to the gym in my neighborhood that I've heard a lot about. From the frist time I visited Houston Gym I felt that they were really willing to help me learn and make sure I was doing everything correctly so that A) I wouldn't get hurt and B) I would get the maximum results from my time. I think the classes are great and the place being clean is always a plus. Wish I would have stopped by years ago.

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Provided by Citysearch
Houston's Worst Independent Gym

The owners comments posted above couldn't be farther from the truth. The complaints others have posted about contract issues are very much true. They always advertise a very cheap rate on the sign out front but it seems to be unavailable once you get inside.

I joined for the group fitness schedule. Initially it was great. I was taking a morning cardio strength training class that was incredible and alternating with spin classes. The bikes while brand new kept breaking - literally we were using toilet shims to keep the seats in place. On strength training days there were rarely enough weights and mats - we started bringing our own.

Despite it being expensive and the equipment being limited I stayed because the quality of the group fitness training was so good and the community built among those who attended the classes was really fun.

This past week, the gym fired the trainer responsible for those classes because the personal trainers worried he was taking there business.

Houston Gym describes itself as an alternative to big chain gyms that don't care about you and are just focused on your money. That is EXACTLY what the Houston gym is.

In firing this trainer they've not gotten rid of the service I pay them for. I am however looked into a contract through October that they will not let me out of. They also have not communicated with a single member about what has happened and how they plan to fix it.

Clearly they want your money more than you and could care less about the quality of service they provide. Spend your money elsewhere.

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Provided by Citysearch

PROS: The gym itself is good. Hammer Strength, lot's of free weights and machines. Lots of aerobic equipment. Little to no waiting. The trainers seem to be pretty knowledge. What's more, it is a gym rat's dreams.

CONS: Parking sucks. And like most gyms (and used car salespeople) the people that work there can be real slime so DO NOT believe ANYTHING that comes out of the mouth of anyone that works behind the desk. Not one sound, syllable, or word. Negotiate your rate then have them write ON THE CONTRACT EXACTLY what you two agreed upon (assuming you are signing a contract). If not, you will be very very sorry. I had to threaten to sue them before they finally let me out of my contract that I was legally in the right to get out of.

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Provided by Citysearch
Nice change of pace

I just switched to the Houston Gym from the 24hr downtown. The 24hr was always overcrowded and parking was a nightmare in the garage. I came to the Houston Gym and found a nice change of pace. Everyone here is actually working out, not just socializing, and with the extra lots they pay rent for I had no problem finding a parking spot. When I first came to get my membership I did not feel any high pressure like I got when I joined the 24hr and the staff seems extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend this gym to anyone looking for the alternative to the mega gyms.

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Provided by Citysearch
Geat Neighborhood Gym!

I have worked and worked out at Houston Gym since January. I was never into fitness before then, so it has been quite the transition. I have found it to be the best first gym for me! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. With a ton of personal trainers and knowledgeable staff I have really grown into a fit and healthy person. This gym is perfect for anyone looking to really got involved in fitness and be serious about it. It really changed my perspective on gyms - for the better!

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Provided by Citysearch
Houston's Best Gym

This is not a 'fitness center', it's a gym, so if you are used to fitness centers where the locker room is half as big as the workout floor, this is not the gym for you. There are no yogurt bars or hot tubs. Take a shower and do your makeup when you get home, this gym is for serious working out only.

Space is at a premium and the gym is chock full of free weights, machines and cardio equipment. Not since Hank's Gym closed years ago has there been a real gym in Houston.

I didn't get the vibe at ALL that this gym was hard selling me and I've never had a billing problem with them.

The quality of people at the gym doesn't hurt either. There are bodybuilders working out right along side the obese. Everyone is friendly, especially the staff. I've looked at a lot of other gyms and there just isn't any competition.

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Provided by Citysearch
Maybe a Scam? You be the judge...

Here's our story:

My girlfriend and I go in to Houston Gym to check it out, and we ask if we can pay for a month just to see if we like it. The first guy we talk to introduces hiself to us twice in about three minutes, apparently forgetting that he'd just met us moments before...we thought he was odd. But the second guy, who's name is Orhan, we end up talking to and he's relatively normal, says sure, and I'll even give you a month free...We're like, well, actually that's great and we just want to get a feel for things, so we'll meet again at the end of June we'll discuss a longer term membership or what our options are. Agreed? Sure...no problem, let me get your credit card, we'll just do one month's membership and then we'll meet again next month...no prob, right? Wrong

Next month rolls around, I've worked out abt eight times or so, the gym's fine, it's weights and benches and machines...I'm low maintenance, and for me it's fine. But my girlfriend isn't convinced, she's unsure and while we're debating it, we realize it's the beginning of July and we've been charged for a SECOND month's membership...ooops!! That was not discussed.

So I call him up on the 9th of July and ask him if he remembers our conversation, he says he does and I ask him to reverse the charges. Well, I will he says, but let me ask you, do you plan to become a member...because it you do - and I just stop him sort of in mid-sentence and say Orhan, why don't we do what we agreed to do first, then we can talk about what the options are. Please just refund the second charge that we DID NOT AGREE TO...

So he say he will. That's on the 9th of the month. By the 26th, it hasn't been refunded and I drive to the gym to leave him a written note to call me, explaining our position. And he does, he calls the next morning.

Hey, Orhan, you said you were going to refund that charge...Oh yeah, I didn't do it because I knew I was coming in today and it usually takes about four business days until it clears...(huh?) so uhm I tried to do it but it didn't work. Can you just give me your checking account number and I'll try do do it directly?

Uhm Orhan...ARE YOU HIGH? Actually I said, uh, no I won't be giving you my checking account number, but I would like you to reverse the charges. And then we called our bank and began the process of disputing the charge...

There are various reviews on this website that detail similar ""mistakes"" and I've seen this happen at gyms all over the place...they are notorious for this type of bull---t. So you can judge for yourself if you want to get involved with these guys. I'm just relating our experience.

The first attempt to NOT refund the unauthorized charge with the whole ""well if you're going to stay with the club..."" routine...it was like, no matter what, we are not taking money out of our account and giving it back to you...we're going to make it very difficult and hope you give up...and then the explanation that he tried, but he didn't do it until today because it usually take four days...what? That didn't even make sense...I mean...the whole thing just looks bad and seems a bit underhanded...and this guy Orhan, what a character...while he's filling out paperwork, he's telling us that he majored in psychology in school, that's why he so good at his job...you know, working with customers and taking care of business...RIIIIIIIGHT. Gotcha. You're doing a great job buddy...keep dazzling them with your psychology, Sigmund Freud...you're AMAZING!!

The whole thing was so bizarre. From the guy who couldn't remember he'd met us 20 seconds before to the less weird, but apparently either forgetful or duplicitous Orhan who won't refund our money, the whole place is just a little off.

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Provided by Citysearch
One of the best!

I have been working out for years and used to compete in figure competitions. I've been to many gyms in the area before I found this one a couple years ago. It is by far the best. The staff is friendly but don't bother you so you can get your workout in. The trainers don't pester you about signing up for personal training either. Most of the trainers are very good if you do want that. There is a good selection of equipment even though the gym is smaller than the big corporate gyms. The members are good about putting up their weights, wiping down equipment, and courteous to others. I have never had a billing problem but I also don't ever plan on ending my membership here either. I do have another membership at 24 Hour Fitness in midtown only because it's a lot closer to my house but I rarely go. That gym seems to always run out of paper towels to wipe down equipment (which really doesn't help since members rarely do it even when towels are available!) The cable equipment go missing clips for attaching handles and missing pins in the weight stacks. For a smaller gym Houston Gym beats the bigger and much newer 24 Hour Fitness Gym to pieces.

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Provided by Citysearch
Good gym - billing nightmare...

Keep an eye on your billing - they have a tendency to be a bit messy - not the best follow-through...

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Provided by Citysearch
Awesome Workout

I recently joined the gym back at the beginning of Jan to start my New Year’s resolution. In the last 2 months I have lost 10% body fat and increases my endurance dramatically, I can do a mile in 6min again (haven’t done that since college). I have been working with Wes; he is awesome and pushes me to do that little extra I surly would have blown off without him. A great gym, I highly recommend it and I definitely recommend training with Wes.

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Provided by Citysearch
Poor Customer Service

When you become a member of the gym they offer you 3 30 minute personal training sessions. My first one was ok- but the second one was rescheduled 30 minutes before the scheduled time for the following day. When I arrived at the gym the next day they told me to warm up - after a 15 minutes the trainer was not there. 30 minutes later I was informed that the trainer was ""sick"" and for me to call and rescheduled. Meanwhile there were 2 trainers reading the Houston Press and didn't offer to do a 30 minute session. The only reason I am a member of this gym is because there isn't any other gym in the Heights area. The classes in the evening are good- but you need to get there early to get weights and a spot. I wouldn't shower in the ladies locker room if someone paid me. Nothing about this gym is worth telling your friends about.

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Matt Mullins


Provided by Citysearch
Open House

Open House. March 24th 2010. Come one, come all. Free workouts for non-members. Free food, fun and prizes. Tour club for specials and details on joining.

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review count4photo count0

Great neighborhood gym with everything you need to get in shape. The membership prices are very fair and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

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polly boone


Provided by Citysearch
low key and great

love everyone there..upbeat without the fluff or pressure of not being a size 2! Love the director of personal training.. Wes Simon!!

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General Info
Bodybuilding.com, the world leader in sports nutrition, has recognized Houston Gym as the first official Bodybuilding.com Gym Of The Month. Bodybuilding.com is the leader in bestowing awards of excellence to nutritional supplement companies and other industry organizations ; therefore, setting the precedent for what makes an award-winning gym is a natural step for the company."To highlight great gyms, we wanted to award one gym per month with the Bodybuilding.com Gym of the Month Award. We hope that every one is looking for the same things we are in a great gym: friendly knowledgeable staff, lots of free weights, the right type of machines, and a motivating environment where serious training is taking place...all at an affordable price, " said Bodybuilding.com CEO Ryan DeLuca.The Houston Gym, owned by Johnnie West and John Langerman, is housed in a new, insulated metal building, reflecting the owner's desire to provide a no frills, all-you-need training experience. With eight+ trainers on staff ( many with pro cards ), there is no problem getting a question answered or a little advice from trainers ( who actually look like they follow their own advice ).It may not be as large as commercialized gyms, but there are plenty of machines to round out your workout, including Hammer Strength, Cybex, Bodymaster, and Life Fitness. An upstairs cardio deck with everything you need overlooks the weight room, and the locker rooms are kept clean at all times.With a great staff, the right mix of equipment, and an environment that makes it fun to train, the Houston Gym stands out as one of the best serious-training gyms in the country. That's why they are the first Bodybuilding.com Gym of the Month
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Phone: 713-880-1007

Fax: 713-880-1007

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Health Clubs, Health & Diet Food Products
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cybex, life fitness
Central Houston, Washington Avenue - Memorial Park
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