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What Are Yoga Towels

What Are Yoga Towels?

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Yoga towels are yoga accessories which are used alone or in addition to a yoga mat, and beginner to advanced yoga students may enjoy the added benefits of these specialized towels during yoga classes.

Regular Towels vs. Yoga Towels

Yoga students may be tempted to bring regular towels to class, but towels that have not been created for yoga are not suitable for use in yoga classes. Here are the main differences between yoga towels and regular towels:

  • Unlike regular towels, towels for yoga are made with non-skid surfaces on both sides through the use of deep pressed microdot or square patterns in the material. A non-skid surface will prevent the towel from sliding across the floor or off of the yoga mat.
  • Towels for yoga have a longer and thinner rectangular shape, compared to regular towels, so they will fit on top of yoga mats and they will fit the student’s area of space in yoga classes.
  • Towels for yoga are often made with wicking materials that will help to wick away sweat, and they are usually thicker and sturdier than regular towels.

Uses of Yoga Towels

No matter what type of yoga mat you choose for your yoga class, the mat will eventually become slippery with use; sweat from hands and feet which accumulate on the mat may also cause slips and slides that can interfere with the ability to hold yoga poses.

Yoga towels are mainly used to absorb sweat and to help act as a secondary ‘sticky’ surface to help students hold their pose; the towels can help to extend the life of a yoga mat too, and to keep the yoga mat clean and free of odor. Thick towels made for yoga classes may also be used as a yoga mat in a pinch or if you are taking a class that only involves standing poses.

Where to Find Yoga Towels

Yoga towels are available at most studios or gyms which offer yoga classes, through online retailers and through sports equipment stores. The towels are available in a variety of colors, thickness levels and materials; for the best wicking towels, consider purchasing towels which incorporate bamboo fibers into the material.

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