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Yoga School ‐ Types of Disciplines

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There are many different disciplines of yoga, which can often make it difficult when it comes to choosing a yoga school. Understanding the differences in each discipline is the first step in deciding which type of yoga is right for you. Keep reading to learn about the different yoga disciplines so you can find a yoga school that meets your needs.

Hatha Yoga School

Hatha yoga is one of the most practiced styles of yoga. Many people like the Hatha style because it provides a balanced focus of both mind and body health. By combining physically difficult poses with relaxation poses and breathing exercises, Hatha yoga is a great way to simultaneously tone the body and cleanse the mind. Other benefits of Hatha yoga include improved internal health, reduced susceptibility to disease and improved brain power.

Ashtanga Yoga School

Ashtanga yoga is a type of yoga that focuses more on building physical strength. If you are most interested in building muscle, flexibility and stamina, then this type of power yoga is likely your best bet. Despite the focus on physical health, spiritual health remains a key component of Asthanga.

Kriya Yoga School

Kriya yoga takes a more spiritual approach than other yoga schools. With a Kriya yoga class, the emphasis is on internal health and spirituality. Philosophies such as karma and laws of causation are also implemented into this school of thought.

Iyengar Yoga School

Iyengar yoga is a good all-encompassing discipline that tones leg muscles, improves balance and builds coordination. The emphasis on posturing combined with the use of yoga blocks, belts and other props helps make this a good option for those new to yoga. Internal benefits are also achieved through Iyengar yoga, and include improved circulation and internal peace.

Integral Yoga School

The Integral yoga school is designed to unify all part’s of one’s being so that a heightened state of consciousness can be achieved. The three main parts of existence that are focused on include the physical, vital and mental part of an individual. By combining physical poses with enhancements to attitudes, desires and compulsions, the overall life force is improved.

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