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What is the Proper Wording for Invitations?

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Choosing the right wording for invitations can be an interesting endeavor. When you are hosting a party, you want to send a message that has all who receive the invite falling over themselves to respond and make sure you know they are coming. But how to do it – there’s the rub.

Invitation basics

All invitations to every event include certain particulars, and they are important. There is not a great deal of creativity involved, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Indicate the purpose of the party – Is this a birthday, shower, anniversary, St. Swithen’s celebration? Let your guests know so they can prepare properly.

Who is being celebrated – Your child, spouse, boss, friend, couple to be married, your promotion?

Day, date, and time – Day and date on the same line, time on another.

Location – This is important. If you want your guests to show up, they need to know where to go. Make sure you include the street address, even if it is at your house. Don’t assume.

Who is hosting – Identifying the hosts helps guests in becoming mentally prepared for the celebration.

Attire – Believe it or not, it is a courtesy to let guests how to dress. While a formal affair may be obvious, informing recipients of more casual attire is a nicety. If children are the participants, this is important if the activities require play clothes or bathing suits.

Each of these items must appear in any invitation. Before mailing them, be sure to proofread carefully to catch any mistakes you may have made.

Other considerations include not abbreviating, and spell out dates and times. Be sure to let your guests know if children are invited or if they can bring a date or and escort.

Making your party a “go-to” event

When hosting a party, you obviously want to have as many guests as you have invited attend. To get them there, use wording and phrasing that reflects the nature and atmosphere you want your party to have. It is also a good idea to send out invitations 1-1/2 to months before the event. This allows your guests to make all the necessary arrangements to be available on that date. It also gives you an accurate head count as the date nears.

Having a party and getting guests to attend is a simple matter, if you go about it properly. Wording for invitations is important since you want it done in an interesting manner. You must also have all the proper information, include details that will help guests prepare, and mail them with plenty of time before your party.

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