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Wireless Door Sensor Alarms for Overhead Garage Doors

Wireless Door Sensor Alarms for Overhead Garage Doors

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Burglars frequently target homes with overhead garage doors. That’s because burglars consider the garage door to be a weak point of the typical home. And that often is the case – the garage door is a weak point. But it doesn’t have to be.

Thanks to modern technology, there are now many effective tools available for bolstering the security of your garage door. Many of these tools were not available only a few short years ago. And by choosing these tools wisely and deploying them properly, you can transform your garage door from a weakness to a strength in terms of your home’s security.

One of these tools of technology that’s worth considering adding to your arsenal of defense is a wireless door sensor alarm.

Door Sensors Are Nothing New

Electronic sensors that detect when a door or window is open have been around for quite a while. For years, door sensors have served as integral components of home security systems. And that included, of course, placing door sensors on overhead garage doors.

But though the garage door sensors of yesterday certainly served a purpose, they also came with a number of shortcomings. These older sensors were hard-wired devices that were mounted directly to the garage door rail. They were difficult to install. And the reliability was sometimes problematical.

Wireless Makes A Difference

The new generation of wireless garage door sensors represents a significant leap forward in capability and usability. Modern, wireless sensors are miniscule in size compared to the old hard-wired sensors. They’re much easier to install; all you have to do is attach the sensor to the inside top of your door.

And they’re far more effective. The old sensors could be foiled by a savvy burglar who managed to open the door just enough to squeeze under, and then disable the sensor before opening the door further. The new wireless sensors cannot be foiled in this manner; they will trigger an alarm as soon as the door begins to open.

Wireless door sensors also offer a greater range of capabilities than the old hard-wired alarms. Wireless sensors can be programmed, for example, to alert you anytime your door is left open longer than a period of time designated by you. So if somebody in the family accidentally leaves your door open, you’ll know about it.

Easy Add-On

Wireless garage door sensors have become quite popular. In fact, many homeowners are choosing to replace their old hard-wired systems with a wireless sensor. And in most cases, wireless sensors can easily be incorporated into existing home security systems.

Doing so is a wise move. After all, anything that makes life more difficult for burglars also makes life better for homeowners.

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