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Wireless Alarm Benefits

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When it comes to finding the perfect alarm system, there are a wide array of options to consider and choices to make depending on the level of security desired, number of entry points to secure, and most importantly, personal budget. The two main types of alarm systems are wired and wireless alarm systems, and both serve the ultimate purpose of protecting one’s home from unauthorized entry. However, wireless alarm systems offer several benefits that wired systems fail to provide:

  • Protect a larger area
  • Can be easily modified as needed
  • Are less expensive
  • Are weather-proof
  • Cannot be turned off by burglars who cut wires
  • Offer auto-dialing that immediately alerts authorities when an unauthorized entry occurs

Protect a Larger Area

Unlike wired systems, wireless alarms do not limit protection to just a home itself. They enable one to extend home security to the entire property perimeter so burglars do not reach the house before the wireless alarm is triggered. In addition, wireless alarms typically include a battery backup in case a burglar disconnects the electricity to one’s home, so the wireless alarm still works even if the electricity does not. This battery backup usually lasts long enough to alert the authorities that a burglary has occurred and give them several minutes to respond to the call.

Easily Modified

While wired alarms require an electrician to cut holes in the walls to do wiring and physically connect all entry points to the system, wireless alarms rely on radio waves to secure a home’s perimeter and require less maintenance to remain reliable and effective. Most professional installations for wireless alarms only take a few hours, and the only tools required are a few pieces of equipment and screws to get the system up and running properly. As a result, wireless alarm systems are much more cost-effective because they require no wiring to be installed through the walls.


In addition, wireless alarms are weather-proof because they require no physical connection to provide excellent security. Unlike wired systems that can malfunction in the presence of inclement weather, wireless alarms include a battery back-up that withstands any type of power failure to ensure the home remains protected and secure.

Not Easily Disabled

Because wireless alarms use radio waves to connect each entry point, they have no physical wires that burglars can cut to disable the system. As a result, wireless systems maintain security and protection at all times, regardless of what burglars do to disable the alarm. In addition to being more stable, wireless alarms automatically alert the police if unauthorized entry occurs, ensuring immediate response and assistance.

While both wired and wireless alarms aim for the same goal of protecting one’s home from burglary, wireless alarms employ better technology and offer more stable protection at a more affordable price. These benefits ultimately make wireless alarms the best option when choosing the perfect home security system.

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