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Are Wire or Plastic Eyeglass Frames Right for You

Are Wire or Plastic Eyeglass Frames Right for You?

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When it’s time to get a new pair of prescription eyeglasses, perhaps the most basic decision is whether you’ll choose plastic or metal frames. If you’re not sure whether wire or plastic eyeglass frames are right for you, learning a little more about the pros and cons of each material could help you make your decision.

Plastic Frames

Although plastic frames may often be less expensive than wire frames, they have several advantages that could make them the best option for you. Plastic glasses are known for being available in virtually any color or hue you can imagine. In fact, it’s possible for this type of frame to have multiple color layers. When you select a plastic frame with a lighter inner layer, you may find that you don’t see the world framed in the darker color of the plastic no matter where you look.

Plastic frames are also ideal for people with strong prescriptions or those who require multi-focal lenses. Choosing a plastic frame can essentially hide the thickness of your glasses from the world instead of allowing anyone looking at you in profile to see just how out of whack your eyesight really is.

Unfortunately, plastic frames don’t come with adjustable nose pads or bendable temple arms. Not only will this mean taking your glasses in whenever they need adjustment, it also means you may find that your glasses either pinch your nose or slip down too easily. In addition, plastic frames can fade with continued sun exposure.

Wire or Metal Frames

These lightweight glasses provide the most options for customization, as they come with adjustable nose pads for comfort and have temple arms that are easily adjustable at home. You’ll also find that wire frames don’t usually break as frequently as plastic frames.

While you won’t get a wide variety of color options like you would with plastic, you have the ability to find wire frames with intricate metal work on the side.

Although metal frames are a good option for many, people with certain metal allergies may be unable to wear wire frames. You may also find that not all the styles are available to you when you have thicker lenses. While many wire frames provide a workaround for patients with heavy prescriptions, other people will still able to see at a glance how thick your lenses are.

Also, metal frames tend to be less durable in the hands of young children. If you’re looking for eyewear for your children, choosing plastic may allow you to replace their glasses less often.

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