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Window Cleaning Services

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The best window cleaning services can handle just about any situation, from a small business complex to the highest high-rise buildings. You should look for a window washing company that can adapt to your needs, and has the equipment to clean any type of building. They can use a variety of equipment to clean your hard to reach windows, and they should be trained in how to use that equipment. In smaller buildings, they may use “water feed poles” that reach from up to two to five stories. For larger buildings, they can use lifts or hanging platforms to reach your windows. You should look for a company that’s got a good reputation, is licensed, bonded, and insured, and has an excellent safety record.

When to Clean Your Windows

In a residential setting, once or twice a year is the right time to clean your windows. However, in a business, you should clean them every three or four months, and more often if your windows tend to get dirty faster. In the case of businesses with glass store fronts, you may need to clean them weekly to keep them looking their best. If you don’t customers can get the wrong impression about your business. They can look at dirty doors and windows and think that your business is sloppy and doesn’t care about the details. You should find window cleaning services that can set up schedules that meet your needs, and that can keep those schedules regularly.

Professional Window Cleaning Techniques

Sure, you can clean your own windows using paper towels and a well-known window cleaner. However, if you’ve washed windows, you know that this method can leave streaks and marks that take time and effort to eliminate. Professional window cleaning services avoid this by using special cleaning solutions that won’t leave streaks on your windows, and they use squeegees to thoroughly clean every window. They also use special lint-free towels and razor blades to scrape stubborn dirt and grime. They should also guarantee their work to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the job they’ve done.

If you have multiple locations in different areas, using a national window cleaning company makes sense. They can set up schedules for all your locations and bill you monthly, which means your accounting department will save time and money. Just look for window cleaning services with the highest standards, bonded employees, and liability insurance, especially if you have high-rise or difficult to clean buildings.

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