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Will Rimless Eyeglasses Look Good on Me?

Will Rimless Eyeglasses Look Good on Me?

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If you’ve spent any time looking around at people with eyeglasses, you’ve likely encountered at least a few wearing rimless glasses. When it’s time for you to get your next pair of prescription eyeglasses, you may wonder whether this type of eyewear will look good on you. While trying them on in the store is always the best way to tell whether you like the look of rimless eyeglasses, learning a little more about them can help you make an informed decision.

Types of rimless eyeglasses

Rimless eyeglasses come in two basic types. The first, and most minimal, features two lenses attached directly to the nose bridge and the temples on each side. The second, and more stable, has an arched piece of metal connecting the temples to the nose bridge, making this more of a half-rimmed option.

Regardless of which type of rimless eyeglass you select, it’s possible to correct near vision, distance vision and may even provide multi-focal options for those who need this type of vision correction.

Rimless eyeglass benefits

Since looking good in a pair of glasses depends largely on finding a shape that is complementary to your facial structure, rimless eyeglasses can be perfect for anyone because they come in a variety of lens shapes and sizes, just like other types of eyeglasses. The real question when determining if you’ll look good in this type of eyewear is whether you want the definition provided by traditional frames.

Unlike traditional frames that have the tendency to obscure a person’s natural appearance – especially when choosing larger frames or heavier materials – rimless eyeglasses blend in well. In many cases, people may not even realize you’re wearing glasses until they get close enough to see the nose bridge and temple arms.

In addition, rimless eyeglasses remove the annoyance of always seeing the color of your frames in your peripheral vision.

Issues with rimless eyeglasses

Unfortunately, rimless eyeglasses are far less durable than traditional eyewear. Because they lack protection on the outer edge of the lens, it’s much easier to chip or break them than rimmed glasses. In fact, opticians estimate that people with rimless glasses usually replace their glasses twice as often as those with traditional eyewear. In some cases, these glasses can require repairs ten times more frequently than other types of glasses.

Another issue with rimless eyeglasses is that they’re more difficult to make adjustments to at home. While it’s relatively easy to pull out an eyeglass repair kit whenever your metal frames need tightening, people with rimless glasses often must take them into a local optician for the bulk of their adjustments.

Ultimately, whether you’ll look good in rimless eyeglasses will hinge on whether you like the way the glasses blend into your face and if you’re comfortable with people being able to see the thickness of your lenses when they look at you in profile.

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