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What Is a Green Maid Service?

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A green maid service is one that considers the environment when cleaning the homes of its customers. A green maid service is better for the environment than a traditional maid service because it uses environmentally friendly cleaning materials and business practices. When determining whether you should hire a green maid service to clean your home, it can be helpful to know some information about such a service.

What Makes a Green Maid Service “Green?”

A green maid service is “green” because it offers cleaning solutions that are better for the environment and employs environmentally friendly cleaning methods. For the National Products Association (NPA) to certify a manufacturer’s product as “green,” it must contain at least 95 percent natural materials and must have environmentally friendly or biodegradable packaging. Additionally, a manufacturer must not test its product on animals or use ingredients that are bad for the environment. If a green maid service uses an NPA-certified product, you know that it is safer for the environment than a traditional chemical alternative.

Benefits of a Green Maid Service

Hiring a green maid service offers many benefits to you and your family. Because green products have primarily natural ingredients, allergic reactions are very rare. Therefore, green products are safe for use in laundry for homeowners with sensitive skin. Green products are also safe to use around children or pets since the chemical composition of many green cleaners is low and they do not leave noxious fumes or residues on anything. A green maid service is ideal if you are concerned with the adverse effects of traditional chemical cleaners on the environment and have an erratic schedule that prevents you from cleaning your home yourself. Depending on your needs and the service you hire, a green maid service may be able to offer you a cleaning contract to ensure regular visits.

A green maid service is an excellent choice for you if you have concerns about the adverse effects that traditional chemical cleaners have on the environment. A green maid service uses green or natural cleaning methods offers you several benefits over traditional cleaning services. For more information about the benefits of a green maid service, contact a local green maid service.

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