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Types of Web Hosting

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Web hosting is a service provided for a business or individual interested in establishing a website on the Internet. The actual website locations are provided by a variety of different web hosting companies. They can provide computer server space and a choice of different amenities to satisfy a variety of different budgets and objectives.

Shared Web Hosting

This is perhaps the most common web hosting arrangement. With shared web hosting, a website owner occupies space on the server with a number of other online users. That arrangement allows shared web hosting to be the most cost-effective way of starting up a website. Whatever services are offered to one website is available to all users. There is no additional customization.

Free Shared Web Hosting

There are a number of services that offer free shared web hosting, though the amenities they offer are limited. Generally, the arrangement often comes with the requirement that the web host be allowed to display advertising on all web sites sharing the server space. Often these are banner ads or pop up ads that many website owners do not welcome. For a fee, you can pay to remove the banner and pop-up ads, effectively switching your arrangement to share web hosting for a fee.

Dedicated Web Hosting

This is a step up in cost, but is often favored by users with greater needs and deeper pockets, such as large companies. The user has a one-on-one relationship with the web host in a single server. This type of relationship allows a user to have significant control over access to the administration of the server, the type of software used and the services available to the website.

Virtual Private Service Web Hosting

This is an intermediate step between shared and dedicated web hosting. While website owners have significant control over VPS arrangements, such as administrator’s access and the ability to decide on the software for their website, the overall control is not as great as dedicated web hosting. According to computer experts, this arrangement is similar to someone who buys a condominium in an apartment building. The condo owner has control over everything related to his or her individual condo. However, building issues are out of the condo owner’s control. Similarly, there are fewer available resources available in a VPS system, which generally runs slower than a dedicate web hosting arrangement because there are other website owners in the building.

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