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Dining Out ‐ Valentine’s Dinner Ideas

Dining Out ‐ Valentine’s Dinner Ideas

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If you’re looking to arrange a romantic evening with that special person in your life, these Valentine’s dinner ideas that will help you make it something special.

Valentine’s Dinner Ideas: Planning the Evening

The first thing you need to do is decide just how the two of you would like to spend your evening together. Here are just a few suggestions.

Wine and Dine

It may seem cliched, but there’s a reason why romantic dinners are considered classic. For a couple in love, a candlelit table for two with soft, romantic music playing in the background can represent the archetypical Valentine’s dinner experience. Flowers and chocolate are optional, but highly recommended!

Spend a Romantic Night at a Hotel

Looking for a little more privacy than you can get in a restaurant? Try booking a hotel room for the night. Bring along a bottle of your favorite wine, and don’t forget to pack the candles! Once you’re checked in, you can order room service and enjoy an intimate dinner by candlelight.

Book a Couples Day at the Spa

No reason why you have to wait until the evening meal to begin your date. A lot of spas and salons offer massages, treatments, and even romantic getaway packages for two. And what could be more appropriate for Valentine’s Day than a chocolate full body wrap?

Think Outside the Box

Don’t limit your date to just dinner! Plan a walk along your favorite vista to take in the evening sights, or arrange a romantic getaway to tour a local winery. You can cap off your evening with a carriage ride through the park, or go for drinks at the nightclub where the two of you met. Or you may decide to just skip the restaurant altogether and consider another destination for your Valentine’s Day festivities.

Valentine’s Dinner Ideas: Choosing a Venue

Once you’ve settled on how you’ll be spending your evening with your beloved, you’ll need to decide on where. Here are some tips to help you make that decision.

Pick Someplace Out of the Ordinary

When it comes to selecting a venue for your romantic evening, it can be tempting to just book a reservation at a favorite restaurant. However, if it’s an establishment that you two frequent on a regular basis, you risk losing the “special” in the occasion. In fact, your significant other may just assume you haven’t given the matter much thought at all. If that’s the case, then you might consider going someplace new and different. Is there a restaurant that the two of you have discussed but haven’t yet visited? Or perhaps a place that you haven’t been to in years that hold some sort of sentimental value for you? The important thing is that you put some effort into the decision. Don’t just select a place at random from the phonebook or choose one that has a nice picture online.

Consider the Atmosphere

Since this is a Valentine’s dinner, it would be a good idea to choose a restaurant that offers a romantic atmosphere. Take the time to go and have a look at some restaurants, so you can get an idea of how romantic they’ll be for your special dinner. Make sure you’ll have at least a modicum of privacy with your significant other. Talk to the manager on duty and find out what they are doing to make Valentine’s Day a special occasion. Will they be providing music? Strolling musicians can be incredibly romantic, but if you’re both opera fans, a country-western trio is going to kill the mood.

You should also consider what your loved one would like. Maybe he or she would enjoy dining in an isolated spot near the lake or on the beach. Or in a revolving restaurant overlooking the city. Your options are only as limited as your imagination, so don’t be afraid to use it.

Just remember, in the end it won’t really matter how elaborate your Valentine’s dinner ideas are. What’s going to make your evening truly romantic is you and your loved one. So enjoy yourself and each other, and make it a night to remember!

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