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Typists ‐ Career Profile

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Typists are professionals who use word processing software to type up business documents. If you have the ability to whip out words per minute at an alarming rate, then becoming a typist may be the right career path for you. Learn how typists spend a typical day and how to start your career.

Typists – Daily Tasks

The primary function of a typist is to transcribe materials into printed form. Depending on the employer, such documents may include business letters, commercial scripts, accounting forms and corporate reports. In some cases, typists may also be tasked with transcribing voice recordings.

Beyond creating documents, typists may also be tasked with a variety of administrative duties. This may include answering phones, filing paperwork, making document copies and maintaining business calendars. Due to these tasks, it is important for typists to be highly organized and efficient.

Education Requirements for Typists

Extensive education or experience is typically not all that necessary for becoming a typist. However, employers generally prefer applicants with at least a high school diploma. More importantly, employers are looking for typists with high word-per-minute typing skills. Typing accuracy and strong grammar skills are imperative as well. Good knowledge of word processing software and related computer programs is also highly desirable.

For those who feel they need additional training in typing or computer literacy, classes at local community colleges may be beneficial. In some cases, temp agencies provide typist training free of charge.

Typist Salaries

Typists earn a wide variety of salaries. However, the average typist can expect to earn somewhere around $30,000 annually. Industries that employ the highest percentage of typists include local government agencies, public school systems, employment services and legal service providers. While job openings for typists is predicted to decline over the next several years, there are still a high number of individuals employed within the industry.

Finding Typist Jobs

Since many typist jobs are offered through government entities, it may be beneficial to visit government job sites. When searching online, be aware that typist jobs may be listed under different professional titles. Some of these titles include transcriber, data entry specialist, electronic data processor and information processing worker. Since many typists are employed on a temporary basis, enlisting the help of a temp agency may be beneficial.

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