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Tummy Tucks Before and After

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Tummy tucks before and after, also called “abdominoplasty surgery” can help make your skin tighter, flatter, and more refreshed. A regular tummy tuck can take two hours or more, while a “mini” tuck can take less. Mini tucks are easier to recover from, but they aren’t for everyone, so you should check with your doctor to find out which type is right for you and your body.

Recovering From a Tummy Tuck

Usually, a tummy tuck requires general anesthesia, so you may have to remain in a doctor’s care for 24 hours so they can monitor you for complications and swelling. You’ll need to rest and recuperate for at least a week, so plan to be off from work at least that long. During this time, your body will probably be swollen and you’ll have some pain, so your doctor will prescribe painkillers to help you through this time. You’ll probably have a doctor’s visit at the end of that week to check on your progress. After that, the doctor will want to see you in a month, and then three months, and then six months after the procedure, just to make sure your healing is on track.

Some Common Tummy Tuck Side Effects

It’s common for you to feel fatigue, muscle tenderness, soreness, and numbness in some areas of the abdomen, along with bruising and scarring after your surgery. All of these side effects will fade the longer you recover from your tummy tuck. Ice packs can help reduce the swelling and the pain during your recovery, and adequate pillows on your bed will help, too. You need to make sure you eat a healthy diet without a lot of fats and calories while you’re recovering, and you’ll need to maintain that diet to keep your stomach flat and attractive long after your surgery. Surgery can have very long lasting effects if you follow these healthy guidelines. You should wear loose, comfortable clothing and use doctor-recommended lotions to help reduce bruising and scarring. You shouldn’t exercise for at least two months after the operation, but then you should begin light exercise to help maintain your body’s tone and shape. Tummy tucks usually lead to a happier you, with a toned and tight body that is attractive and healthier. It’s important to note that most health insurance policies don’t cover cosmetic surgery or any complications from surgery.

This article is not to be misconstrued as medical advice- please consult a licensed medical professional if considering cosmetic plastic surgery.

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