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How to Hire a Tour Bus

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If you are wanting to have a celebration with a large group of friends, or embark on an excursion with a lot of your family members, a tour bus or a party bus may be just the ticket. Coming in a range of sizes, and with an equally impressive array of amenities, tour buses can be hired for a few hours, a day, or as long as you would like.

Hiring a tour bus

If you are considering a tour bus for your group there are a few things to know before hiring a bus company. The first thing is to allow plenty of time. If you wait to the last minute, the odds are against you that you be able to rent the type of tour or party bus that you want.

Visit the site

When interviewing bus companies (yes, it is an interview) visit the location. When there, you want to see and inspect the bus you will need. If you are not sure what size is best, the representative will help. Let him or her know the size of your party, the purpose of the rental, the destination(s), and how long you will need the bus. The rep will go over the different options, packages, and pricing available.

Insurance and credentials

When visiting with the rep, be sure to go over the insurance. Make sure you know who is responsible for what when it comes to liability. If there will be alcohol on the bus, make sure the insurance covers that scenario.

Ask about the driver’s credentials. How long has he been driving tour buses; if you are renting one for a prom, does he have experience dealing with teenagers; if you are hiring the bus for several days or longer, how are meals and lodgings covered? Finally, ask about tipping. While tips are always welcome, some companies include them in the fee while others do not. Ask to avoid awkward situations.

You will also need to ask about deposits and cancellation fees. You will need to know when the final payment is due, the deadline to cancel, and if your deposit is refundable.

The tour bus contract

Once you have worked out the details, get everything in writing, go over it, have both parties sign the contract, and get a copy. If you want something that is not in the contract, you have no recourse if you do not get it. This is particularly important when it comes to the bus you believe you are renting.

A tour bus is a great way to have fun with a group of friends or family. Besides being able to move large groups around easily, it relieves your guests of having to worry about driving, getting to the different venues, and having to mess with parking. Your efforts will be appreciated.

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