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Top Pokémon GO Strategies

Top Pokémon GO Strategies

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Are you getting frustrated with your Pokémon Go game? Does it seem impossible to catch those ever elusive pocket monsters? If you already know the basics of the game and are ready to finally get serious about catching them all, then you better have a strategy in place (the fact that only one person has succeeded in this so far in the United States speaks volumes). Here are some great strategies and tips to get you started on the path to Pokémon success.

Catch Every Pokémon You Can

Just be sure not to waste your Pokeballs. Even if you don’t think you need it, it may be valuable for future upgrades. Along these same lines, remember that as long as you can see a Pokémon, you can catch it. Even if it seems out of range, tap on it anyway.

But Don’t Power Up Every One You Get

Many players don’t realize that the vast majority of Pokémon characters you find aren’t worth powering up. It’s better to play the game for a while, harvest and evolve loads of weak Pokémon, and increase your trainer level in that way. With a higher trainer level, you’ll automatically start to find stronger Pokémon.

Move the Game as Fast as Possible

This is a time-intensive game, so you want to really maximize your play time to get the most done possible. You can start by keeping the app open and your phone screen on when walking around, which will enable the game to vibrate when you encounter a Pokémon. Along with this, you can plan your route (whether walking to work, school, or the gym) so that you pass the most Pokestops and lures possible.

Aim to Find Rare Pokémon

There’s actually a new version of the game’s Nearby feature that was released in August 2016 that actually works and can be a handy tool for this venture. You should also be on the lookout for nests (specific locations where certain rare Pokémon will spawn)—you can search r/pokemongo for “nests” near you (they especially like parks). Finally, if you’re a true die-hard, then you may been to plan to travel in the future, as different characters are common in different geographical areas.

Get Your Pokémon Team in Order and Take Down Some Gyms

Make sure you have the right Pokémon in place so that you don’t waste your Stardust (which is hard to acquire). One important thing to remember here is that the better a Pokémon’s IVs, the more useful it will be for a gym battle. Basically, you can take six Pokémon into battle against a gym and can do even more damage by teaming up with friends. Finally, the attack type matters when attacking more than the Pokémon type.


Still don’t see the path to success clearly before you? Here are some other quick tips that can make a big difference in your game.

  • Keep the app updated to the latest version to ensure it’s as fast as possible and any glitches have been addressed.
  • Try to keep an eye out for rustling leaves on the virtual map: this is the best visual sign that a wild Pokémon is nearby.
  • Pokémon characters are most concentrated in heavily populated areas.
  • Invest in an external battery. Pokémon Go is a major power hog.


Good luck, and happy hunting!

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