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Top 10 Concrete and Masonry Patio Ideas

Top 10 Concrete and Masonry Patio Ideas

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When it comes to building a patio, many people simply install a concrete slab and consider it done. But there are so many more options available for creating a patio with real interest. Here are just a few ideas.

  1. Try concrete dyes. Concrete doesn’t have to be plain gray. It can be dyed to look like brick, stone or any color you want. The dyes are added into the mix before it is poured.
  2. Opt for traditional flagstone. Flagstone has been a favorite patio material for many years. You can choose uncut flagstone where the pieces are irregular shapes put together like a puzzle or cut flagstone with all the pieces being square or rectangular.
  3. Stamp your concrete. Concrete can be made to look like brick, pavers or flagstone with the use of concrete molds or stamps. After the cement is poured the stamp is pressed into the surface to create a pattern. The stamps may also be used in conjunction with dyes to create a surface that looks like brick or stone.
  4. Get creative with brick. If you’re planning on having a brick patio installed why not plan out a design? Herringbone, basket weave and even intersecting circles can be created using bricks.
  5. Add aggregate to your concrete. Course sand, small pebbles or stones can be added to the cement mixture to create a non-skid and unique look to any patio.
  6. Stain the surface of your patio. If you have an existing concrete patio, you can have it stained either a solid color or with a design created with the use of a stencil. You can opt for a traditional brick or flagstone look or go with something more detailed such as Italian tiles or even an Oriental rug design.
  7. Add a fire pit to your patio. Fire pits are one of the latest must-haves in patio living. You can have one constructed out of brick, stone or cement and it’s going to last a lot longer than the metal fire pits found on the market.
  8. Install a cobblestone patio. Cobblestones used for patios are actually manmade pavers that have been tumbled to give them a rustic or time-worn look. They look especially nice with colonial or other older style homes.
  9. Add a decorative border. If you have a cement patio or are planning on having one installed why not add a border of bricks or stone pavers to create definition?
  10. Don’t forget to accessorize. Planters, benches and even walls that surround your patio can be made from concrete or masonry. Use a combination of concrete with bricks, stone or pavers to create interest.

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