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Tired of Wreaths? 9 Fast & Easy Alternatives

Tired of Wreaths? 9 Fast & Easy Other Ideas

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Whether you’re decorating for Christmas or marking the change of seasons, there’s nothing more classic than a wreath on the front door. But what if you’re tired of wreaths? To welcome guests, celebrate holidays and highlight the seasons, try these fast and easy solutions:

  1. Ceiling Medallion. Buy a lightweight molded ceiling medallion or track down a vintage one. Paint it the color of your choice, suspend it from a wide ribbon and hang it on the door.
  2. Dangles. Group things together and they gain impact. Cut varying lengths of cord or ribbon and attach pinecones, ornaments, bells, flowers, dried gourds, board game pieces or whatever suits your style. Gather the cords, fasten them together, then add a decorative bow if you wish.
  3. Frame. Wrap batting around a plain square frame then cover the batting with fabric strips or ribbon. Or choose an elaborate, shabby chic frame and paint it to accentuate the intricate detail. Use wide ribbon or decorative cord as a hanger, and add a simple bow if desired.
  4. Gaucho Hat. Select a broad-brimmed, gaucho hat. For instant results, opt for a pre-decorated version that complements your door, or choose a plain one you can decorate to reflect the season.
  5. Black Marker Board. For a whimsical take on a familiar idea, choose a square or round black marker board. Paint the frame a bright neon shade, suspend the board from a sleek cord. Use specialty neon markers to write seasonal messages or create colorful designs.
  6. Mirror. Select an unbreakable acrylic mirror in a size and shape that suits your taste. If it has a frame, paint it to accent your door. Add holiday or seasonal decorations if desired, attach a hanging cord and you’re done.
  7. Quilting Hoop. Invest in an oversized round quilting hoop. Separate the inner hoop from the outer one, stretch a colorful piece of fabric over the inner hoop, slide the outer hoop back into place, tighten the screw and it’s ready to suspend from a decorative cord or small hook.
  8. Straw Tote. Find a plain, painted or embroidered straw tote. Fill it with flowers, feathers, greenery, or seasonal items. Hook the handle over a wreath hanger and your door is decorated.
  9. Wall Pocket. Find an old-fashioned wood or metal wall pocket or letter holder. Leave it as-is or paint it to contrast with your door. Add protective stick-on cork or rubber pads to protect your door, then hang it and fill it with greenery, holly branches, flowers or other seasonal items.

Whether you choose a single strategy or combine several, it’s easy to create a fresh look that appeals to you. Simply alter the colors, materials and decorative accents, and you can create attractive wreath alternatives for every holiday, season and occasion.

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