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Tips for Choosing a Remote Garage Door Opener

Tips for Choosing a Remote Garage Door Opener

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These days it seems that every household is overflowing with remote controls. Juggling remotes is typically associated with using entertainment devices like TVs and sound systems.

But if you have a garage door with an automatic opener, you’re probably juggling some additional remotes in your household. And just like remotes for TVs and other electronics, there are many different types of remotes available for garage door openers.

So what if you need to replace your garage door opener remote? Or what if you want something better or different than the remote you’re currently using? What kind of remote should you buy?

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you go shopping for a new garage door opener remote control:

Know Your Garage Door Opener Info

Before you shop for a remote, you’ll want to know some information about your opener. Look for the manufacturer and model information on your opener (usually located either on the motor housing or on the external receiver).

If you simply want to replace your old remote, you may be able to use this information to find an exact replacement. And if you’re buying a universal remote, you’ll need this information to determine if the remote will work with your system. (In spite of the name, not all ‘universal’ remotes work with all systems.)

Going Universal

Most universal remotes will work with most recent models of garage door openers (again, check the manufacturer and model information to be sure). And going to a universal remote may offer a significant upgrade in capability from your current remote.

Some universal remotes, for example, can be programmed to open 2 garage door openers – that can cut down on the remote-juggling if you typically need access to garages at different locations. And some remotes offer capabilities beyond merely opening the garage door; turning on the lights in your garage, for instance, or even turning on the lights in your home.

Programmable Remotes

Another feature that may be a considerable improvement over your current remote is programmability. Garage door opener remotes are currently available with multiple buttons – not just one button for opening the door. And you can program the buttons as you prefer.

For most remotes, programming the buttons is easy: You just press, hold, and release the buttons in the pattern directed in the operating manual to perform a specific task. With some universal remotes the programming process may be a little more complicated, requiring the setting of a series of switches (called dip switches) on the remote.

One Other Option…

Another option to consider is going remoteless. You can do that by installing a wireless keypad that requires entry of a security code to open your garage door. It’s not as convenient as a remote, but it may offer better security than a remote-controlled opener.

Wireless keypads can also be used in conjunction with remotes as a back-up entry method or to allow garage access to trusted guests or service personnel.

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