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Tips for Choosing the Best Paint Colors for Your Interior Space

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Paint color has a major impact on décor in interior spaces, essentially setting the mood for the entire room. When selecting paint colors, you first need to determine what you want the room to feel like when you spend time in it. While it’s good to have a degree of continuity throughout the entire house, it’s still fun to allow all your various rooms to have different personalities, which can be achieved by really mixing up the accent colors. Here are some tips on how to choose the best paint colors for all your interior spaces.

Account for Different Lighting

One of the most important things to consider when selecting an interior paint scheme is the type of light that’s prevalent in the room. While natural daylight shows the truest color, incandescent lighting brings out warmer tones and florescent lighting casts a sharper bluish tone. A good strategy is to select three shades of the color you want, and then put the samples near the window and in a darker corner of the room. Be sure to assess them at different times during the night and day to get a good idea of how each color will work in that space.

Use Color to Play Up Architectural Features

One of the most effective strategies in using paint to transform a room is to use accent colors to complement architectural features such as molding, mantels, built-in bookcases, arched doorways, wainscot, and windows. Even a subtle shift in color can immediately bring the eye to the detail and create a cohesive feel throughout the room. Dramatic architectural elements can even give you the opportunity for a bolder approach, where two different colors are used in the same room.

Focus on Emotional Goals

What do you want the room to feel like when you walk in? Are you looking to create a soothing and restful quality, or do you want the room to feel dramatic and intimate? Is your goal to create a formal or sociable atmosphere in the space? The general rule of thumb is that if you want to cultivate a serene and peaceful feeling, go with cool colors like blue and green, and if you want something more energetic and exciting, then warmer colors like yellow and orange will be your best bet. Likewise, soft hues and neutrals create a quieter feeling while stronger colors should be used for drama.


When you use color effectively in your home, you add depth, dimension, atmosphere, and personality to the space. Take your time in choosing your paint colors, and consider your long term goals. This way you ensure you’ll get the results you want: a transformed space that you can fall in love with.

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