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Tent Rental Made Easy

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When hosting an outdoor party, gathering, reception, or other event, tent rental is a great way to protect all who are attending from the vagaries of the weather. No matter if you are hosting a small intimate affair, or having a grand celebration, tents of all sizes are available and add a certain intimacy to the event. While renting one is easy, there are some technical aspects to consider before renting one (or more).

Basic tent rental considerations

Once you have decided on a date, it is time to reserve your tent. Contacting a rental company that supplies tents is a phone call away, and they will provide you with the details regarding costs, deposits, and set-up and breakdown times. While making a reservation, you will need to know what size tent you will need. This is not a terribly complicated process.

Determining tent size

The size tent you need is based on the number of people who will be attending, if you want tables, space for musicians or a DJ, a dance floor, and other arrangements that require covered space. The customer service representative from the rental company will help you with this. A general rule of thumb is that you will need about ten square feet per person, and you will need about five feet of clearance around the perimeter of the tent. Therefore, for ten people you can use a 10’x10’ tent and locate it in a 15’x15’ area.

Factors that affect tent size

If you will need tables, a dance floor, and an area for a band or entertainer, you will probably have to increase the size of tent you rent. The professionals at the company you are using will provide you with the information you need. In addition, most tent rental companies have the extra items you need so you will be able to put a package together for a reasonable price.

Tent accessories

Unless you are absolutely sure the weather will cooperate, you will need to include walls in your order. These are rarely included and are considered extras. They are rented by the panel and start at about two dollars per panel.

If you are having your gathering when it will be hot or chilly, you may want to rent heaters or coolers. If your party will be after dark, you should also include lighting in your package.

Final considerations

Allow enough time before your party to have the tent, and all extras, set up and in place. It may be best to schedule the set-up when very little else is going on so the process can move without interruption. Most tent rental companies ask that if you are going to mow your lawn, do it a day or two beforehand so the tips of the grass blades have time to dry – otherwise they may stain the tent fabric.

Having a party outdoors under a canopy or tent is a wonderful experience and lends an air of elegance to even the simplest event. A reputable tent rental company will work with you and have you covered in no time.

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