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Benefits of Staging Your Home

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Selling one home while you search for a new one is a hectic time in anyone’s life. Between scheduling open houses for your house and visiting potential new homes, your spare time is full of activity. Additional tasks to help your house sell can feel like a chore, but the benefits of staging your home can well outweigh any inconvenience.

Staging Your Home Brings Higher Prices

Perhaps the most important reason for staging your home is the sales price you can command. Homebuyers, especially in a buyer’s market, know they have their choice of homes in a given price range. They also know that many sellers are desperate to move a property they’ve had on the market too long and may be willing to accept a low offer.

Even though buyers will always try to get a lower price, staging your house can create more interest than other comparable properties in your neighborhood. Multiple offers can equate to a bidding war if your house staging sparked enough interest. Any amount of money you can avoid shaving off the price will mean extra profit in your pocket, or in the worst case, less money you’ll pay out of pocket to the lender.

Staging Your Home Brings Quicker Sales

When buyers visit one open house after another, they begin to look the same, making every seller work harder for the sale. A house decorated the way most people live doesn’t stand out or create a sense of urgency, but staging your home to sell gives you an edge. Not only is your home memorable in a sea of open houses, interested visitors may worry about other homebuyers making an offer first. If your staged home makes it impossible for them to envision living anywhere else, you’ll get offers faster than un-staged homes.

Staging Your Home Can Be Fun

For some, interior design is an afterthought, not a common leisure activity, but staging your home can be a fun experience if you let it. Normally, you might decorate your home with functionality in mind. The convenience and comfort of your family often drives standard home decoration tasks. When you know you won’t be in the house for years to come, it’s easier to give into trendier styles you wouldn’t normally consider.

As long as you don’t go crazy with creating that perfect “model home” feel, staging your home gives you the opportunity to experience a different kind of lifestyle than the one you usually live.

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