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5 Essential Space Saving Design Tips for Apartments

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If your apartment could benefit from a space saving design, use these tips below to enhance the impression of space and to create extra space for relaxing and clutter free apartment living.

1. Let the Light Shine

One of the most important space saving design tips for apartments it to let the light shine – whether it is sunlight or artificial light. Try to maximize any sunlight coming through the windows with light curtain drapes and by keeping areas in front of the windows clear of furniture. If rooms still seem gloomy or dark, use energy efficient lights installed on the walls, instead of lamps, to brighten dark corners.

2. Don’t Go to the Dark Side

Stay away from the dark side! Those deep reds, dark blues, intense forest greens and chocolate colors will shrink the impression of space in your apartment. Instead, use light cool colors which lend a visual influence of space even in small rooms – the best colors to use include egg shell whites, soft yellows, very light greens and gentle summer sky blues. Paint the walls with these super cool colors and use light colored furniture drapes – or buy new furniture in lighter complimentary colors.

3. Revive the Minimalism Movement

Revive the minimalism movement to achieve a space saving design in your apartment home. Get rid of unused or unnecessary furniture pieces and take stock of everything you own. Weed out all the little extras that you have been carting around for the past few years – you know the ones – and either hold a giant garage sale or donate them to a non-profit organization.

4. Flowing Floor to Ceiling Drapes

Heavy drab drapes can but a damper on your space saving efforts. Instead, decorate your apartment with curtains made from light and flowing materials that still offer privacy without pulling the spacious impressions of the room down. Floor to ceiling drapes will also make a room appear much larger than it is, while short drapes can give one the feeling that the ceiling is about to cave in.

5. Create Open Spaces

Once you have revived the minimalism movement, you’re ready to create open spaces in your home. Try to leave walls as bare as possible with just a few pictures or paintings, and take down shelves that tend to get in the way. Use space saving furniture pieces to help reduce clutter even further and then complete your space saving design with a furniture arrangement that encourages a free flow of foot traffic throughout the apartment.

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