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Photovoltaic panels

A Solar Powered Home Will Save You Money

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There are many benefits to having a solar powered home, but perhaps the biggest is the amount of money homeowners can save by slashing their electricity bills. In fact, experts say, many homeowners find the savings they experience, in time, will pay the cost of installing things such as solar powered water heater or solar powered outdoor lights.

The concept of solar energy – basically harnessing the power of the sun for human energy needs – is hardly new. For centuries, people have used the power of the sun, wind and water to drive machines such as windmills and water mills. Solar powered home design is also an ancient art: Smart architects and designers have always positioned homes in ways that make the most of the sun’s lighting and warmth. One of the first experiences many people have with solar energy is the simple clothes line hanging in the yard, using the sun to dry the laundry.

Solar powered homes save money

But as more people decide to make their homes eco friendly solar energy and solar powered buildings and appliances have become popular. With a solar powered home, experts say, you can conserve the earth’s resources and at the same time reduce your monthly power bills.

The use of solar energy falls into two general categories. Passive solar techniques include positioning homes to make best use of the sun’s light and heat or designing buildings so that air naturally flows through them to help with cooling.

Active solar techniques include erecting panels, called photovoltaic panels or photovoltaic cells, to catch the sun’s energy convert it to electricity. Homeowners practice active solar energy use when they put panels on their roof or in their yards to heat water or provide additional electricity for their homes.

Solar power systems often include meters that show how much electricity is being produced for use in the home. But most homeowners don’t need the meters to tell them that a solar powered home relies less on the local power and gas company – they usually notice an immediate decline in the electricity they have to buy. In some cases, where an excess of electricity is produced by a solar powered home, the homeowner can actually sell power back to the electricity company.

Finding help for a solar powered home

Whether you’re in the process of building a new home or want to add solar power to an existing home, a good first step is to do some searching on the internet. You can also consult with architects and home designers, many of whom are up to speed on the latest products available. In some instances, your solar power equipment might be eligible for rebates or tax incentives to help reduce the cost.

While purchasing and installing solar power systems can be a little pricey, owners of solar powered homes enjoy two great benefits: Reduced monthly utility costs and the satisfaction of knowing they’re on the way to going green.

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