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Tips for Small Space Living

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If small apartment living is cramping your style use these tips for small space living to create a peaceful, clutter-free and relaxing home environment.

Everyone Needs Their Own Space

One of the biggest problems with small space living is defining separate spaces because everyone needs their own space from time to time. To improve attitudes in small homes, try to make sure that everyone has their own space.

Couples sharing a bedroom need to respect one another’s space – and sometimes it helps if partners choose one side of the bedroom as their own area. If kids share a room, create a personal sleeping space with a sturdy hanging room divider.

Tools to Create Quiet

To reduce the noise pollution in a small home, invest in noise canceling headphones and headphones for music, computer and TVs. If a pint sized home is liberally sprinkled with headphone gear, family members can all listen to music, watch TV or view favorite videos online without creating a chaotic audio environment.

Space Saving Design Tips

Utilize space saving helpers wherever you can to organize the home and maintain open spaces. In kitchens, cupboard organizers will eliminate wasted space above dishes, in bedrooms use under the bed storage – for example, roll out boxes – to store off season items or extra bedroom supplies like sheets and blankets, and take advantage of closet accessories – like extra rods, multi-use hangers and shoe organizers – to keep closets neat and tidy.

Invest in furniture pieces that are made for small space living too. For example, mini mod apartment sofas, dining sets and chairs, pull out couches, Murphy beds, air mattresses (for overnight guests), and chairs and ottomans made with storage compartments.

Take Stock of Possessions At Least Once A Year

To reduce the curse of clutter in small space living, take stock of everyone’s possessions at least once a year – and get rid of unused items that are wasting space. Kids should go through their toys and give away toys they no longer use, and parents need to weed out clothes which kids may have outgrown. Adults can go through clothes, books, and other possessions to find items which can either be sold or given away to free up extra space in the home.

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