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Event and Party Planning

Whether your event is a small gathering for friends or family, or it’s a big extravaganza or corporate event, it helps to plan out the details in advance. Being organized helps. And these tips can help you think of the details you might want to consider. Event planners and party planners can make sure you get to enjoy your event and that it’s a success.

When it comes to party planning, hiring a professional is always best, regardless of the type of party of number of guests attending. Even the simplest of parties requires extensive amounts of planning, from the venue and decorations to the types of food you want to serve and how you plan to entertain your guests....

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When you host a party or any other type of celebration, few things are likely to impress your guests more than a delicious, catered meal. While it is not necessary to provide a five-course meal for every guest, a good rule to follow involves providing everyone with enough food to last the length of the...

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