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Seven Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tent Fumigation Service

Seven Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tent Fumigation Service

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If you find that your home or building is infested with bed bugs, termites, or other damaging insects, it may be necessary to subject the structure to tent fumigation in order to completely eradicate the pests. Before you make a final decision on which company to use, there are some important questions to ask; the answers you receive will help you find the best fumigation service to use.

1. What fumigant will be used, and how does it work?

Having a complete understanding of the chemicals used will give you an idea of its effectiveness. Modern fumigants penetrate through the walls and into the wood in the building’s frame to kill all pests, and to form a protective barrier to prevent an infestation from recurring. However, all fumigants are different, with half-lives of varying lengths that determine how often retreatment may be necessary.

2. What steps will the company take to protect neighbors and surrounding structures?

Your neighbors must be considered, and knowing how the tent fumigation company will contain the chemicals used, will help you explain the process to those around you, allaying any of their fears about residual contamination.

3. Will the fumigation company provide security while the building is unoccupied?

During the fumigation process, no one will be in the building, so security is important. To make their product more attractive, some fumigation companies provide property monitoring for the duration of the job. If they do not provide this, you may need to reinforce doors and windows with additional locks.

4. What preparations must the home or building owner make?

While the fumigation company will handle encasing the exterior of the building with a “tent,” you will need to make alternative living arrangements and take care of everything inside, including pets, plants, exposed surfaces, food, and other items until the building is cleared for occupancy. The company should readily provide you with a detailed list of everything you need to do prior to their arrival.

5. What items will need to be removed?

Besides living beings (people, pets, plants), the fumigation company may require other items be removed from the dwelling to prevent contamination. While they may provide you with an itemized list of removables, you may have some items not on the manifest. The general guideline in these cases is “If in doubt, take it out.”

6. Is the company insured and are there references?

Any reputable fumigation company will have insurance to protect its employees and you. In addition, they should be willing to provide you with a range of references from previous jobs; ask for them and then call the previous customers.

7. How long will the process take?

For an average size house, installing the tarps (tents) takes about two hours and taking them down takes about the same amount of time. The fumigation time will depend on the extent of infestation, the materials used in building construction, the fumigation chemicals, and the weather. That being said, the fumigators should be able to give you an accurate estimate of how long you will be out of your home so you can make adequate arrangements.

Home infestation of damaging insects is nothing to ignore or overlook – the problem will not go away on its own. When you find yourself in the position of needing a tent fumigation service, make sure the fumigation company satisfactorily answers all of your questions.

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