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How to Save Money on a Hotel Room

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Luxury and even moderate hotels can be alarmingly expensive if you accept the first set of rates they present you with. Savvy travelers have learned how to get great deals on hotel rooms and you can too if you take the time to explore before making your reservations.

Dozens of internet websites exist to provide travelers with discounted room rates and airfare. These sites are very popular with frequent travelers and can yield incredible deals.

One type of travel website will allow you to name the hotels you’d like to stay at and will search all over the internet for the best deals available on those hotels. The search engines on this type of site will scan through massive amounts of information to find great deals, travel packages and special offers.

Another type of travel website will allow you to enter in the city or general area that you are traveling to and will then perform a search to find the best deals on any hotels in the area. While this type of search does not allow you to chose the hotels up front, you’ll find that after the search is performed you’ll have a wide array of wonderful hotel options at great prices.

If you want to save money, it’s important to keep an open mind and be willing to stay at hotels that may not have initially been of interest to you. You’ll have the opportunity to review the stats on each of the hotels, and also read comments from other travelers who have stayed there, before making your reservation.

You can also save money on your hotel room the old fashioned way ? by negotiation.

If you organize a conference or meeting at a hotel, they will usually offer you a discounted rate for your co-workers if you ask them about it. You’ll be bringing a lot of business to the hotel and they should cut you a break for that reason. Additionally, if you’re a frequent corporate traveler, you should make deals with hotels that will give you discounted rates in return for multiple stays.

If all else fails, ask the hotel reservations agent about any standing discounts. Many hotels offer a reduced rate to members of the armed forces, educators, auto club members, alumni associations, union employees and member of professional organizations.

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