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How to Find a Quality Rhinoplasty Doctor

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If you are considering undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure—which involves reshaping your nose—one of the most important elements of a successful surgery is finding the right rhinoplasty doctor. This can ultimately help ensure you have a positive experience from the consultation before your surgery through your complete recovery. Following are some of the main criteria you should seek in a quality rhinoplasty doctor:

Find a Rhinoplasty Doctor with Experience and Expertise

Two of the most important qualities to look for in a good rhinoplasty doctor are experience and expertise, since rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult cosmetic procedures surgeons perform. The operation requires a surgeon to have specialized skills and extensive training to ensure you receive the optimal results. One of the best ways to ensure you find a surgeon with both experience and expertise in the cosmetic surgery subspecialty of rhinoplasty is to research your doctor’s credentials. You should search for surgeons that are board-certified in plastic surgery or otolaryngology—ear, nose, and throat surgery. Because not all cosmetic surgeons have completed the rigorous training required to obtain their board certification in one of these specialties, it is extremely important to find a surgeon who understands both the cosmetic and functional aspects of nasal surgery.

Find a Rhinoplasty Doctor Who Can Provide You with Before and After Results

Another way to help ensure you select a good rhinoplasty doctor is to view testimonials and pictures of before and after results for previous patients. You should also ask a surgeon to show you simulated results for your surgery before you undergo the procedure, since these can help you know what to expect from surgery. This can ultimately help ensure you experience the results you want from your procedure.

Two of the best ways to ensure you find the right rhinoplasty doctor for your specific needs are to search for a surgeon with the proper experience and expertise in the field of rhinoplasty and find a doctor who can provide you with before and after results before you undergo surgery. Keep in mind that there are always risks with every surgical procedure, so it is important to ask your surgeon about these before you decide whether cosmetic surgery is a good option for you.

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