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Unique Resort Vacations

Unique Resort Vacations

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When most people think of resort vacations, they think of sunny beaches, tropical breezes and blue waters. While that’s a lovely picture, there’s more to resorts than just the tropics! There are several different kinds of resorts that can help your family experience fun and thrills without burning your wallet. Every resort features a few similarities – lodgings, places to eat, spas – but most resorts also have some sort of theme. As we’ve said, the most commonly thought-of resort is the tropical or beach resort, but why not try something a little different?

Ski Resorts

After to the tropics, ski resorts have to be the most popular resort vacations there are. Ski resorts offer dozens of different runs for skiers of all skill levels, and a variety of other wintry activities for those who want a break from the slopes.

Golf Resorts

If you’re not looking to hit the slopes, why not hit the links? Golf resorts are quite popular among many families, offering a variety of courses for experienced and junior golfers alike, in addition to other activities.

Ranch Resorts

For vacationers looking for a taste of the Wild West, ranch resort vacations are the place to be! Dude ranches and guest ranches offer vacationers a chance to visit their inner cowboy, riding and caring for horses and livestock, hiking in the mountains and camping on the trails. Different ranch resorts offer a wide range of amenities, so you can rough it or relax as you prefer.

Water Park Resorts

Many resorts and hotels feature swimming pools and spas, but water park resorts are practically nothing but! Water park resort vacations are all about fun in the water – wave pools, tubing and soaking in warm pools. A stay at a water park resort is great for a weekend getaway with the kids.

Wilderness Resorts

Sometimes when you want to get away, you really want to get away. Wilderness resort vacations are growing in popularity for people who enjoy roughing it. Wilderness resorts and eco lodges strive to offer the amenities of vacationing without stressing the local environment and are committed to local conservation efforts.

These aren’t the only types of resort vacations, of course. There are many more unique resorts out there. Talk to your travel agent about setting up the family resort vacation for you!

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