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Planning Receptions

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Receptions, whether wedding, anniversary, or for special visitors, all have certain elements. Understanding these factors and preparing for them appropriately, helps everything run smoothly and makes for an enjoyable time.

Set a reception date

As soon as possible, set a date for your reception. Until you do this, nothing further can happen. Once you have a date, make a list of how many people you plan to invite, and then set a budget. With these three components in place, you can begin adding to this foundation.

Setting a location

When you have a date, estimate of numbers, and a budget, you should begin calling sites to reserve space for you location. If you are hosting the event at your home or place of business, lead-time for reservations may not be as critical as hiring a special events hall. In any case, you need to make sure there is enough room – not only for guests but also for tables and chairs, food stations, musicians, dancing, or any other extras.

Working within your budget

Your budget will determine what you are able to do. Every professional with whom you work will require a deposit and final payment afterward. The best approach is to contact several businesses in any different segments and compare rates. This gives you a good idea of how much capital you will need. It is a good idea to include an additional ten percent to your budget to handle unexpected situations.

If you are serving food at your reception, there are two options – a sit down meal from a set menu, or a buffet. Each has its benefits and both contribute to the festive atmosphere. If you are planning a buffet, you will probably have greater variety in foods, and more options as to presentation. You can have a traditional single line buffet or you may want food stations – each serving a different course or different type of food. A good catering service will be able to provide expert guidance in this field.

Serving appetizers and having bar service available are typical for receptions for business or company officials or visiting VIPs. Catering and bartending providers have excellent rates for these kinds of gatherings, and handle all aspects of setting up and breaking down.

Using a professional service

If your event or party is large or noticeably important, using a professional event or party planning service can be a sound investment. Companies that specialize in this area will take the three basics – time, number of people, and budget – and work closely with you to deliver a classy and hassle-free gathering. Planning receptions can be enjoyable, but they come fraught with potential problems. Specialists in the industry can be a great help.

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